Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Thanksgiving was just downright blissful this year. The kids had the whole week off of school, so we went up to my parents and loitered. It was so much fun! The kids and I visited the temple and I found out that I have somehow NEVER TOLD MY CHILDREN about how their Dad proposed to me. Say whaaaa? The situation was quickly rectified. And here we are, four children later.
We had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner at Sabrina's house. Jan and John came down, so clearly we laughed our heads off. We really love those two. I like this picture of Jan and the Double B. I think you can really see the sibling thing. 
Liv finished her second Harry Potter with all that extra reading time. She's loving it! 
Grandma rocking the birthday hat and shirt KJ made for her 75th birthday (we met for dinner in Mesquite with her sisters and he was so proud to give it to her) and dancing a jig with Benson. He thought that was very groovy. 
After dinner we headed up to "the cracks" to explore with these weirdos. 
My kids are really lucky to have such awesome sauce people in their lives. 
Sitting on Grandpa's feet and eating all his food. Pretty much sums up the week! 
My Mom and I shopped till we dropped on Black Friday and then we all explored parks and ate at Culver's... twice. 
So dreamy that it was hard to come back to real life! Those are the holiday events you hope for in this life. 

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