Friday, December 30, 2016


I took the kids to see Moana today while Daddy and Benson stayed home to hold down the fort. 
I found it incredibly inspiring! The kids loved it and were so excited to hear Lin-Manuel Miranda (the writer of the musical 'Hamilton' and the music for 'Moana') singing that you would have thought he was a member of the family. I think I loved it even more then they did! It is so sweet. 
I just got the feeling so strongly while watching it that I don't need to be afraid of being different anymore. Sometimes it can paralyze me. But as I watched Moana be different -- with the powerful support of her ancestors -- it just filled me right up. Maybe I can accept my differences and act WITH them to accomplish what I need to -- that they will be how I can help other people. Maybe my differences are an important part of me and even for me and my family line. It got me thinking optimistically. 
It was such a great show. We loved it, one and all. 

 I wrote one of my favorite things on Facebook yesterday:

Yesterday my kids asked if we could go on a drive and listen to Hamilton. We listened to all of Act One before they were ready to go home, everybody singing at the top of their lungs! Today they wanted to go drive around and listen to Act Two. It was so fun for everybody to be in happy agreement, singing and rapping like the white kids we are. These are happy moments for Marie the actor and Marie the mommy. At the end everybody was sniffling and Olivia whispered "I don't think I've blinked for five minutes." Total satisfaction! #raisingthemright #thenerdery

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