Thursday, January 19, 2017

Missy Foo Foo Turns Ten

Olivia turned ten. I sure wish she wouldn't grow up, but she keeps doing it, anyway! 
She had fancy pancakes for breakfast and Daddy and I picked her up from school for her birthday lunch. She picked Costco! Ha ha. A slice of cheese pizza, a drink, and a vanilla yogurt for the win. 
All she wanted party wise was her BFF Hadley to come over and have a scavenger hunt, which I did indeed accomplished (world's best mom, I guess!). They had a fun afternoon playing their pie in the face game and playing with their American Girl dolls. 
She picked Raising Cane's for dinner, based on her deep love of chicken strips. Daddy has no use for cluckers these days, so he was a martyr to the cause. Only fries and root beer for him, but he (almost) took it like a champion. 
Our other almost champion was Benson, whose life was ruined when Daddy wouldn't let him take off his shoes in the restaurant. He's like me and has absolutely no use for foot covering. So not being allowed to remove them was deeply emotional, as you can imagine. 
It was such a fun day. We love our kids and we are thankful they have good friends. 
Olivia is a profound joy to us. She is a darling girl -- charming, imaginative, and so extremely funny. And honestly, a talented rapper! She is one of the great loves of my life. She has my heart. 
And since ten is as old as my children are ever allowed to get, she'll be ten forever. Great plan, Marie. 

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