Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nap Musings

I made my Grandma's bread again. 
I don't know what it is, but when I make her bread recipe, I feel like a freaking champion.
I sent a picture to my Dad, as a good daughter should. It was pretty darn good, and I'm getting better at it. I realized recently that I was letting it rise for too long, and so I had to make it again to test my theory. I was correct (naturally).
It's amazing how I can just sit there and think about recipes. I don't crazy love to cook or bake, but it's a big part of my job, and the better I am at it, the more I like it. I like the problem solving aspect of it. I think that's why budgeting has become such a fun thing to me. I never thought I'd say it, but I love paying bills, because it's fun. I like the numbers (which is also something I never thought I'd say). A couple of weeks ago I presented the Double B with our new proposed 2017 budget for his acceptance or tweaking, and it got the thumbs up first try! Woot. But now I'm a little sad I have no new numbers to tweek.
Basically, for fun I think about recipes, budgets, and new diseases I'm probably dying from. What can I say? I'm a well-rounded and delightful individual. 
Yesterday I got a root canal. Every girls dream. But the awesome great news is, I found a dentist I love! He is nice, he is funny, he didn't make me feel like poo for having teeth that do their best but are "D" students, and it was the least pain ever for a root canal. He stayed right on top of the pain and sent me home with a prescription for lots of drugs. The lady at the Costco pharmacy was CLEARLY suspicious of me and asked kind of rude questions about what I would need those drugs for since I just had dental work. When I told the Double B, he was so mad at that lady! He was ready to march down to Costco and tell on her. Which makes me feel both dainty and protected, as is acceptable even though I'm a feminist. This morning my new dentist even called to check on me and make sure I'd been able to sleep last night. Dental dream boat, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, good sir, I will happily pay for your retirement! 
Well, I've been blogging on my phone laying on KJ's bed, waiting for Benson to fall asleep for my well-deserved nap break. He's asleep, and my job here is done. 

And... scene. 

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