Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Quote Book

The funny things my children say is one of my very favorite parts of being a Mom. These people are hilarious. I try to document, and since I usually have my phone handy, that's where I write it all down, then screen shot it for future generations. Sometimes it takes awhile to get it in the old blog, but here we go. 

Katelyn: "Don't you wish that noise would SHUT UP???"
Ben and I just cracked up. Yes. Yes, we did. 

Olivia: "Mom, how do you make this soft?"
She wanted a bowl of rice and milk, but didn't realize you have to cook the rice first. Couldn't figure out why it was so crunchy. Ha ha. 

Olivia -- (contemplatively) "I'd like to know the secret of freckle families."

Olivia -- (after seeing a picture of Mariah's new side buzz hair cut) "I am deeply upset with her. She is gonna get it!"
KJ: (after being the recipient of toddler anger) "Benson threw that dinosaur at my head -- savagely!"

We were reminiscing about the time KJ got stuck in the bathroom at the Sperry family Christmas party and was saved by Liv and Leighna. 
Olivia: "We were just casually walking by to get
Some sausage wrapped in bacon."
KJ told us how scared he was "That teaches you humility!"
Grandma: "Yes it does, I've been locked in an elevator!"
Ha ha. 

Olivia: "My fans loved it!"
This is about her coming up with her 4th grade class business slogan 'Why Not Y-Ties.'

Katelyn: (overheard during a fight with -- who else -- KJ) "I'm your sister! I'm almost the last one! I'VE HAD TROUBLED TIMES IN MY LIFE!!!"

Olivia, commenting on her Dad's reaction to something: "He doesn't have a sense of humor." Totally dead-panned. I died! 

Double B: "I'm glad I didn't, because it was a lot of fun figuring it out." 
On not knowing he would grow up and fall in love with me. Aaaaaw!
Katelyn: "But Saturday is the funnest day of life!!!"
Feeling distress that the funnest day of life was over. 

Katelyn: "I just really love the way he paints."
Very peacefully, laying with Momma watching Bob Ross on Netflix. 

KJ: "That man says 'laundry' really funny. He says it 'lingerie'."
KJ watching Mythbusters and suffering a terrible misunderstanding about what those two words mean. He was pretty pink when I explained that lingerie is, in fact, different from laundry. But I thought it was probably better to hear it from mom then in a social situation! 

Olivia: "You don't need to have a healthy mouth if you have a spiritual mouth!"
Her response to the story of how my last dentist was mean about my joke teeth but did invite me to go get a drink with friends. 

Olivia: (on getting older and how mom doesn't like that) "I'm sorry, I dishonor the family." Ha! 

Kate: "That is not the B-detty way."
Trying to manuever a way out of sharing with Ty at Aunt Trina's house. 

Olivia: "My Dad said it's okay because he wants to have grandkids."
On why she's allowed to grow up. 

This year Uncle Jonnie told Liv that Santa voted for Trump (I don't know why. But the conversation is cute.)
Jonnie: "Santa voted for Trump."
Liv: "What? No he didn't."
Jonnie: "Yes he did."
Liv: "No... I think he voted for a third party candidate."
Ha! Ha! Ha! #proudmom

Olivia: "Santa's a very classy man, isn't he."
Christmas morning bliss. 

Olivia: "You can hot glue the tent to the ground!"
Giving ideas on how KJ can use some of his Christmas gifts. 

These are CLEAR FROM LAST SUMMER AND FALL (2015!) But they're going on here anyway, because they're classic. 

KJ: "We call them the Up-All-Nighters." Referring to grandma's crazy neighbors who were -- apparently -- up all night. 

Katelyn: "I promise I will never touch a bad guys spindle! Because if you touch a bad guys spindle you will not follow Jesus Christ!"

Olivia: "I want to grow taller then Benson when I grow up -- it's one of my main goals. So I've got to drink lots of milk -- starting now!"

Olivia: "Love is an opportunity."
She said this after us talking about how I choose  to love daddy every day and how he chooses to love me. BB and I dropped our jaws. I find this very profound. 

Katelyn: "So when you go potty does the baby get dirty?" 
Trying to figure out how a baby really grows in a mom's tummy and really comes out between her legs. So darn cute. 

KJ: "Okay. I'm not so sure about Lady Gaga."
After listening to one of her songs on the radio. I get it, son. 

Kate OR Liv: (I'm not sure, because it would work for both) "Will Daddy be home soon? It's time for my daily tickling!"
Sure love these little people. 

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