Monday, February 27, 2017

Olivia The Scientist

Olivia's school shared her 4th grade Genius Project on their Facebook page! She chose to do her project all about squid ink, and we have been eating, breathing, and sleeping squid ink for quite some time now. I have absolutely loved watching her fascination and dedication to her work. Her teachers loved it, too, because it was such a different direction from the other projects, and even kindly offered and then ordered a squid online for her to dissect. The principal and assistant principal came in to watch her and her teacher dissect the squid on the big day! She LOVED it, and honestly feels like a real scientist. She was so excited when she came home because "they said I flabbergasted them!" Me too, kid. Glad to have a girl with a curious brain that thinks way outside the box (with an iron stomach - - much stronger then mine and KJ's!) Go, Liv! I'm a proud and truly impressed Momma.
Keep it up, star girl.

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