Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Benson The Daddy

Benson is such a good little daddy. He is a natural caretaker, and reminds me so much of how KJ was at this age. He usually has some dolls in his company and takes good care of them -- he wraps them in blankies, puts them down for naps, pats their backs and "shhhh"es them, and puts sweet little kisses on their heads. He is going to be one great daddy when he grows up! Here he is this morning, sharing some of his breakfast shake with Bunny and Kate's baby. Too adorable.
Of course when he heard the click of the camera, he turned into a total cheeseball. What a dream boat he is. KJ has reluctantly handed down Bunny to him, and he takes good care of him. But his favorite is a little cabbage patch doll that Olivia gave him for Christmas named Parker. He treats them like Parker is his son and Bunny is his nephew, I guess. Both loved but one gets a little more care and attention.
I'm glad my boys are kind and gentle little souls. I just adore them.

Benson is talking up a storm, and cracks us up with the things he says. He just seems to pop out with a new complete sentence every day. I think a lot of it you still need to be his Mom and Dad to really understand without an interpreter, but he is definitely talking more and more. And I love that! It's so much easier when they can communicate! Happy and sad to see my tiny baby growing up.

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