Friday, March 24, 2017


I turned 34.
Not quite sure how that happened, but okay, whatever. 
I'm in my mid thirties! So if you need any advice, feel free to come to me. Chronologically, I'm qualified.
Plus, I've decided to just be thankful for all the cool experiences I've had. The older I get, the more coolness I get to witness. And that sounds like a great plan to me!
My little family spoiled me with love and quality time! I also got many birthday wishes from family and friends, and I felt so loved. Everybody needs a day like that!
 I was brought breakfast in bed, lunch at Blaze with my sweetie and dinner at In N Out with the whole fam. Super spoiled. To finish it off, KJ and Livi took me to see the live action Beauty and the Beast, and it was way fun. We parked on the top level of the parking garage and everything!
I love this little family of mine and I am truly living "the good old days" right now. The Lord has blessed me so much and has been teaching me so much lately, and in my favorite way -- kindly and gently. I love birthdays because they give me the chance to feel gratitude deeply as I reflect on the past year.
I like 34.

In conclusion, my brother Matt sent me this meme for the big day, and I think it's perfect.  
Be a pink starburst, everybody.

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Ducksoup said...

Haha I'm dying at that saying. Too funny!