Sunday, March 5, 2017

Restful Sunday

It's been an awesome Sabbath day.
I love Sundays, especially when they are calm and peaceful.
I taught Olivia's primary class on the publishing of the Book of Mormon and then taught the Relief Society on sisterhood and the strength women have together. I had the opportunity to fast and testimony meeting was great. After KJ and his dad got back from fast offerings we had dinner and then all watched a Disney movie about baby animals, and I really did cry over a baby leopard calling for its momma. I was scared the hyenas were going to get it, but thankfully, it's mom got there first. Nature shows are not for the faint hearted!
Lots of snuggles from the kids and teasing from the Double B. I felt the Spirit today and felt thankful that I can partake of the sacrament and start again. I felt thankful for the lessons I was able to study and like the Lord understood and accepted my fast. It was a good Sabbath day.

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