Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My Artists

Yesterday I got to drive down to UNLV to watch KJ perform with the advanced orchestra in a music festival. He was one of the only 7th graders in the whole banana (the only in his school) and I was so proud of him! As I was driving through that crazy rush hour traffic I realized that I felt like my mom, off to watch my kid perform. If I can be even half as supportive to my kids as my parents were to me, they're all set. It was such a thrill to see him perform in that big beautiful auditorium. As soon as he saw me walk in his eyes lit up. The music was truly beautiful --  they did a great job --  and my eyes were full of tears most of the performance, to see my child doing something he loves so much so beautifully. There is nothing that moves me like the performing arts. They are so powerful! He was a happy kid.
Speaking of happy kids, little miss missy foo foo is a real life member of the drama club! She auditioned a few weeks ago and for the last two weeks has been going in to school early on Fridays for rehearsal. She was so nervous standing in line here to audition, and was extremely excited that she made it in! But I wasn't surprised at all, this girl is a born performer.
It's so fun to see my kids take an interest in and have a love for the arts. It's like a little cherry on top for me, because my time as a performer brought me such profound joy -- and seeing it do the same for them just touches my little pea-pickin' heart.

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