Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fabulous Sunday

Are these the sweetest early morning snuggles or what?
 Benson hasn't been a hundred percent this week, so we all went to sacrament meeting and then the Double B took him home to rest. Sunday School got a little tricky because I was so sleepy after being up all week with Benson, so I did a little doodling. I started with drawing the wise man built his house upon the rock. That felt pious. It moved on to writing quotes from the lesson and deteriorated into stick figures of us on our anniversary cruise planned for this summer. Naturally, I sent a text of this to my beloved. Focus was a losing battle for me, I admit. But dangit, I tried!
After the traditional Sunday "linner" meal we all relaxed and watched movies as a family. We may have gone a little overboard -- we watched three! But it was so relaxing and fun, we snuggled and built Legos and Katelyn created amazing outfits to wear (which is exactly the kind of thing that I did at her age!).
We watched 'Inside Out' and it was the Double B's first time. He liked it a lot.
 Then 'The Force Awakens' for the millionth time, because it's a classic. Benson was glued to the tv, humming right along! Way too cute.
Finally, 'Malificent,' for my first time. It was just okay. 'Sleeping Beauty' is my favorite Disney movie of all time, so I felt like there were just too many liberties taken there.
Afterwards it was time for scriptures and Katee was like "But we haven't done anything today!" My answer was "what are you talking about?! We watched THREE MOVIES!!!" Cookies were also involved. Bonus.
I love Sundays.

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