Monday, March 13, 2017

New Department

The Double B is managing a new department -- merchandising. He is bossing around two managers, three supervisors, and a bunch of hourly employees. Basically saving the world. He loves the change and is excited for the challenges it presents because he is a problem solver.
He goes in at two in the morning and is home sometime in the noon hour. Which actually kind of works with his natural sleep schedule. I love the extra time with him in the afternoon, except that I don't get as much done. I'd rather sit and stare at his pretty lips then clean, basically.
The only thing that's hard is if I don't get the children in bed right at 8 (the witching hour -- that is, when Marie turns into a witch) they are really dealing with a short tempered Mom, because the Double B is pretty much out for the count by 5:30. I don't like the witching hour, because my kids are adorable and don't deserve to trip over a broomstick on the way to bed! So I will need to work on that.
Totally workable, really. I love when my sweetie loves his job.

P.S. Currently listening to Benson enthusiastically sing 'Jingle Bells' from his room while trying to fall asleep. That is his favorite song and he sings it with such vigor and vim.

P.P.S. Today we watched 'Les Miserables' (okay movie, great musical, best book ever). It was the Double B's first time with the story and he asked me why Javert was doing something about half way through. I said "Well, he's not a bad guy, exactly. It's just that he only sees the law or duty, it's his obsession. He just doesn't understand..." and my wise old husband said "He doesn't understand mercy."
And I just thought that was so profound, and so true. That is the cautionary tale of Javert. May I understand mercy.

P.P.P.S. Yesterday was one of the best days of the year because DAYLIGHT SAVINGS. Hurray, sunlight!!!


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