Monday, April 17, 2017

Benson Glamour Shots

Finally, finally got this boy's picture taken!
 He is so perfect. There just aren't enough words for the joy and adventure he brings to our family. Clock wise: showing her his teeth, playing peek-a-boo, one of the bigger smiles we got, and his very important school buses.
 He was nervous but did great and was so proud of his new shirt! (Every time he wears it he still says "oooh, I like this shirt!")
This is what I wrote on Instagram of the shot of our hands:
"I took Benson to get his picture taken today. He was so very nervous at first to stand in his spot and he didn't like the loud click and the flash, so I got to sit at his feet and hold his hands to reassure him. I didn't know the photographer took this picture until after, but when I saw it my heart squeezed tight. It is maybe my favorite picture ever. Because here is my sweet little boy, at this precious time in our lives when he has chubby little hands that need mine so much, and here am I, holding tight. I love being a Mom. It is such a hard job and I know it will always be a hard job. But I love it more then I could ever love anything else."

We're pretty lucky.

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Ducksoup said...

So adorable! All of them! Too cute! And that shot of your hands is so precious!