Monday, April 24, 2017

Aged Love

Yesterday sitting in front of me at church was an older couple visiting our ward. He was 94 and she was 89! They were there to watch their son speak on the dry council. I was so impressed with their dexterity, hearing, and kindness (as she kept turning around to admire Benson and flirt with him, even though he was pretty crazy yesterday and kept kicking their seat). What impressed me the most, though, was something I noticed half way through the meeting. They sat very close together, and his hand rested gently on her leg. She put her hand on his and very softly rubbed his hand and arm. I enjoyed seeing the age on their hands as they held onto each other. It was very clear that theirs is an old love, a fervent love, a devoted love and a ministering love. And I thought "Self, this is worth fighting for." It was a beautiful thing. A small thing for them but a beautiful example for me.

This is the girls hair yesterday, my little Blondie and my little Brownie.
I will be honest, I am so pleased that I can do pretty hairdos on my pretty girls now. This is really just the last year and a half or so, watching many YouTube videos, that I have been able to do anything but a basic braid or ponytail. I always tried to make them look nice, but there is something about learning to do the really feminine styles that has made me feel pretty mom-awesome. Because it's a small service, but one I learned out of love for them. And it's silly, but I love seeing them sitting there with their cute hair. I just really love being able to actually do it! 

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