Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spring Break '17

For spring break we headed up to Utah. The kids and I arrived on Tuesday and the Double B came Thursday. It was a rocking good week that went way too fast!
Benson loved playing catch with Grandma (he just thinks she's sooo funny), and Katee got some good tickles in from Grandpa.
When we pulled up to see Grandma B Benson explained "It's my grandma! IT'S MY SUGAR!" He and Grandma Sugar are buds.
Sil, Trina and I helped my Mom organize and rearrange her home office into the new toy room for the grandkids. It was so fun. It really is way more fun to do something like that for someone else then yourself, plus I got to spend time with my adored sisters, plus I found treasures like these!
I've had such a good life with so many awesome times, and I am SO THANKFUL for it! The Lord has given me so many blessings and continues to love and watch out for me, and I can never thank Him enough for it. 
Here is the finished product! Cute and roomy, organized and stored! It was a fun project. The grandkids love their new space.
Easter weekend we got to spend quality time with the family B. Every Easter celebration we end up on Grandma's lawn, laughing and talking, and I love that. They heard for the first time about the time the Double B kissed me and I heard the national anthem and saw fireworks, and they thought it was hilarious! We also learned other cute dating stories from all the grown ups and it was great fun. We always have such a good time together!
The kids loved the Easter egg hunt and I took second place in the grown up race (foiled by Nick)! My winnings are fancy new drinking cups which were desperately needed -- and everyone was jealous because they all need them, too! The Easter Bunny found us, church was beautiful -- it was basically the best spring break ever.

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