Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April Updates

Liv finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It is SO FUN to watch her experience those books. But the tears they produce for her -- the tears are sad. She cries at all the places I cry at, so her big elephant tears as she reads just make me tear up, too! It's just so great to see her get so caught up. Reading can be so magical.
 Benson and Greyson --  these two are quite the duo. They play and squabble just like siblings, but every morning Benson is so excited for the knock on the door that means Grey has arrived. It's a blessing to have him be our buddy, just like it was with Andrew and Kate.
 Olivia recently got her first stick of deodorant. She is very excited to be a growing up lady! She told me she needed deodorant by sniffing her armpit and saying "seriously, Mom, my pits stink. I think it's time I had my own deodorant." Ha ha! Benson has graciously agreed on several occasions to try it out for her, whether she wants him to or not!
KJ had an outdoor concert and got to perform both a solo and a duet! And the duet was HIS OWN COMPOSITION. I thought my buttons would pop right off my chest, I was so proud of that kid.
This is the text I sent his Dad (who had to stay home with the two youngest):
 "His teacher introduced him and said "We're watching this guy become a composer before our very eyes and its pretty cool. This is the world premier of 'Zion's Hymn.'" He did amazing and I can't wait for you to hear it. There were so many positive comments in the audience. My momma heart!!!"
 Benson loves taking his picture more then just about anything! So I have lots of selfies of the two of us on my phone that look just like this:
 He pulls really funny faces.
We took a family date to celebrate the beginning of spring break to Firehouse Subs. So fun! The older kids loved sitting at their own table and Benson absolutely, crazy-loved his fireman hat. So nice to know we have our own tiny fireman to protect us!
 Tragically, Olivia fell sick with the flu that afternoon and that week it cycled through all of us but the Double B. Barf or the diabolical dip-dads. Man. The flu sucks this year and it's sure gotten us a lot. It was so sad to see her suffer so much, she definitely had it the worst.
KJ had the opportunity to teach his Sunday School class while his teacher was in Europe. She asked me to go support and he did great. He was so cute, I had to sneak a few pictures of my little (okay, not so little at all) guy...
Our experience with allergies this year:
Oh, man! Worst ever! I have had more sore throat, itchy eyes and absolutely hack my guts out then ever before. They say it's the worst in ten years and I believe it. My poor kids are the same. Sorry, children.

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