Thursday, May 4, 2017

Zion Helicopter

For the Double B's 35th birthday we gave him a helicopter flight with my brother Nick's company. Except we never went! Oops! That is, until Easter weekend (we'll pretend he isn't about to turn 37). I planned it out with Nick and the older kids (They were sooo excited... And a little nervous) and surprised him with a 'Date night'. A date night flying around Zion National Park and landing on top of a butte -- on the edge of a cliff, no less!
Getting ready to take off.
Liv was about to jump out of her skin, she was so excited! KJ was nervous but very brave and felt better as soon as we lifted off the ground and he felt how smooth it was. They loved talking through the headphones.
The beautiful view heading towards Zion. I love this area of the planet so very much.
It's pretty amazing how I'll just jump into a helicopter now --  I'm basically a wild woman! I may jump a little with the bumps but I can do it and I truly enjoy it. There is a lot to be said about facing your fears. I have a few more to work on, but honestly --  I've come so far! Go Marie! And go, KJ, for doing something because you wanted it more then you feared it! HURRAY Team B!
Landing on top of that butte (literally... literally on the edge of a cliff. Maybe a foot) was wild and super awesome. My brother is an incredible pilot. And exploring somewhere that maybe 14  other people have ever explored was truly amazing. We could have spent all day there. The rocks sparkled and it was so untouched, and the views could not be beat! Liv selected this rock for her photo shoot.
My gorgeous husband taking in the gorgeous views.
Zion in the background. I love this little brother of mine so much. I am so blessed to have him as one of my very best friends. We have a special bond. It is easy to trust him to fly us!
My kids with their awesome pilot!
My men climbing rocks.
There's our helicopter back there!
Molly's Mountain. It really is one of my favorite places, so it was fun seeing it from the air. 
All in all, something I think we will all remember forever. So cool to experience it together.

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