Thursday, May 18, 2017

Vacation Days

The Double B has been on vacation for almost two weeks. May is his anniversary month with Costco (14 years, baby) and he has to use his remaining vacation before his hire date or lose it. We've had a great time doing nothing. He hasn't taken vacation time just to veg for years, and it's been nice. He's done a lot of cross-stitching, taken lots of naps, and basically relaxed. It's been good. Today we're watching 'The Fellowship of the Ring' for old times sake. 
A few weeks ago we went up to St. George to watch the comedian Brian Regan at Tuacahn with a bunch of our old friends. The Double B got stuck with weird work shifts and couldn't come, so my Dad was my date. It was so fun and funny. Glad to spend time with my two besties again!
 Benson was so worn out after such a fun weekend he had his nap at nine in the morning! It was funny because every day after dropping off the kids at school he plays possum and pretends he's asleep so I'll carry him in. It's fun to play along with him. But that day, he really was asleep! He was out like a light. He is growing so tall and getting so grown up, but will always be my tiny baby in my heart.
KJ had his end of the year orchestra concert and did such a great job! I'm so proud of his efforts with his instrument. He goes to Disneyland with the orchestra next week and is so excited! I'm way excited for him. The Double B was out of town but we recorded it. The kids thought it was great and love cheering their bubba on.
 Proud of this kid and his passion for music. Talk about growing up! His voice is changing and he's outgrown Mom and grandma's and is loving every second of it.
 Math is still such a struggle. If he doesn't pass this quarter he will have to go to summer school and it's a whole month long! None of us want that. His Sunday School teacher volunteered to tutor him in such an huge act of kindness! She said she will help him everyday if that is what it takes. Can you believe that? He is there now. Fingers crossed. Math was such a struggle for me, too, but I know he can do it!
Mother's Day was wonderful. They all took such good care of me and I felt loved. 
These four are my treasure. They truly are my heart walking around on the outside of my body.
 Liv drew me this amazing picture of The Beatles for Mother's Day! I couldn't believe that. So talented and so truly considerate and thoughtful.
Benson LOVES 'Moana'. He wants to watch it every day and it's the one movie he truly pays attention to. He sings the songs all the time at the top of his lungs and we all love it. It's so adorable and we all adore the movie, so it works out great.

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Ducksoup said...

ben cross-stitches? wow i can't even do that not surprising though. and that beatles pic? amazing and the sunday school teacher tutoring kj that is so cool. i love you rie.