Thursday, May 4, 2017

Picture History

I had to add this picture of Kate the Great. This is from Easter weekend, right after she won a round of "down by the banks" with the WHOLE FAMILY. She was soooo thrilled (even though she held it inside as much as she could!) and all of her cousins were so good to cheer her on. It was about the cutest thing ever.
Benson finds me everywhere and often insists on a selfie. Even in the unlikliest of places!
Liv has the patience of a saint. Benson thinks she was invented to entertain him, and likes to play a game where he pretends he's a baby. Here she is, "swaddling" him with his beloved blankie.
Speaking of Olivia, she got an 'A' on her science project! I was extremely proud, because she did it ALL herself. I only helped with taking the pictures. And  since the judging was supposed to be anonymous, she drew these tiny tomatoes to cover her face. Ha! I learned just how moldy sliced tomatoes can get over the three weeks of this project. I'm inspired. (Katelyn is the proud sister here.)
And speaking of Olivia again, she had her first paying job! Delivering fliers with her best friend Hadley (the "George" to her "Fred"). She was so proud! She also finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. That girl is hauling.
Benson is really loving to be read to lately. He wants you to read whatever book he picked over and over. He recruited Brother the other day and KJ was so kind to read the book multiple times, helping him do all the actions. Benson is lucky to have these three that take such loving care of him, especially as he is DEEPLY two and a half and Battle Benson rages.
This morning was ca-razy with Battle Benson, but the girls still managed to make it to school with Princess Leia hair for Star Wars day. So that was a relief!
Finally, my little Jilly Bean lost a bottom tooth tonight! She gets nervous but this one came right out. As she says "free money!" I guess if that's what it takes to let Mom wiggle the tooth, I'll take it.
I've been working on a secret project for my dad's 60th birthday in June. It's been a lot of fun to scheme and plan and I've enjoyed the time preparing it because it's done with love. I am so lucky to have the parents that I do. They actually and really are so kind and good.
Love you all!

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