Friday, May 19, 2017

Orchestra Medal

Today KJ received the Outstanding Achievement in Orchestra medal at the school awards assembly. Two years running! Crazy proud of this guy.
As we were walking through the school towards the gym Benson kept saying "KJ play music?" Because he knows the drill -- when we go there, it's to listen to KJ play music! So cute. He would call out throughout the assembly "Good job, Kaje!!!" And waved like crazy when KJ walked up to receive his medal. He was pretty proud of his big brother!
 Dad got to be there, which was awesome. He has to go back to work tomorrow, which is just too bad. I told him to quit and we can just live off the government, but he still says no. Darn that work ethic and personal integrity! He is pretty happy to support this kid that is almost as tall as he is!
Love my baby boy that really is officially taller then his Mom. He is my pride and my joy. I love watching him grow in grace and in truth.


Tink said...

He looks so grown up....and so do you! But Ben...he just looks old ;) You can tell him I said so!

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