Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sentence Structuring

Benson's language skills are just taking off the last week or so. He is starting to form sentences and it totally kills me! He was so dang cute tonight.
I snuck a bath before bedtime and we all know how troubling a Mom with a locked bathroom door is. He kept coming and knocking and asking if he could come in or if I'd get up and open the door. We had the following exchange calling back and forth and I was pretty darn impressed:

Benson - You taking a shower, Mom?

Me - No, I'm taking a bath.

Benson - Oh. You taking a bath, Mom?

Me - Yep.

Benson - Oh... Good!

And... scene.

Later when I called everybody for scriptures, he protested with:

Benson - No! Nooo! Let's go!

Me - Where do you want to go?

Benson - Go and see GRANDPA! I want to go and see GRANDPA. Let's go, Mom. Let's go and see Grandpa!

 And... scene.
My little buddy is doing awesome.

Tonight he was practicing his growl and his "scary face" at me, and he was cracking himself UP. He likes to pull this face at me whenever he disagrees with me (code word: often), usually with a little growling thrown in. I'm pretty sure he thinks he'll intimidate me into changing my mind! He was cracking us up. He has the most contagious laugh in the land.
After scriptures KJ informed us that only 2% of the world can bend their thumb a certain way. We all promptly bent our thumbs the way that was supposed to be special and then Benson bent his right over, too. It was so funny that he did it, too, and we all busted up. He was thrilled and belly laughed right along with us. Either KJ's statistics are wrong or we all have really amazing thumbs!

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