Friday, June 16, 2017

Last Day, Hurray!

The last day of school finally arrived on June 8th! I am so excited to have my little chickens with me for a whole summer! They are pretty excited, too.
We went to lunch at Wendy's, and Benson spent the last part of his time there flirting with an older couple, smiling coyly and showing his jumping skills and waving. They loved it. As we walked out he turned around and said "bye, bye, grandma!" He must recognize the warm and fuzzy people. The older kids got to party with water and friends in the afternoon and Kate and Benny got to run to a RS activity with me while the Double B slept. We got our summer of shakes on at Sonic and then drove around hoping for another dumpster fire like last year! No dice, but it was pretty great, anyway.
Starting out with a bang this year! I love summer and I love my tiny chickens!

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