Friday, June 2, 2017

Free Donut

Today is National Donut Day.
Naturally, the children and I went to get our free donut from Krispy Kreme tonight. Priorities, people.

The school year is winding down. Katelyn emptied out her desk today, Liv has been bringing home projects, KJ had his last week of chamber orchestra and had tutoring twice this week for his last math test on Monday (fingers crossed!). Benson and Greyson have had enough of playing together and are ready for a summer break, I think. I am both nervous and excited. Ner-cited, to use a KJism. Excited to have my kids, nervous on how to entertain them and how to keep all of our sanity. "We'll probably all make it out alive," she says confidently.

Look, cute boys!

Grandma Sugar came down to spend a few days last week and to watch Olivia perform in a story-telling festival with her best friend Hadley. It was so fun to have Mom here. She's a great conversationalist because she is both wise and funny. The kids were in heaven.
"Fred and George" did such a cute job performing. Of course, she's ours, but Olivia really was (no, seriously) the best and the brightest. She is a natural performer! Their skit was an old Native American legend that they added Harry Potter and a whole lot of silliness to. So funny! Their teacher came to watch and called from the back of the room "go, Weasley  twins!" They thought that was the best thing ever.
Nothing as great as a childhood bestie. They are a happy pair.
Speaking of The Boy Who Lived, Missy Foo Foo finished the series. She truly loved it and completed her goal to finish before the end of fourth grade.
We went up to Utah for memorial day weekend and had a great time. Emma had a birthday party on Saturday, and we got lots of quality time and finished planning my dad's 60th birthday party. Hoping it goes well and he feels loved! Benson never got a proper nap and was a beast of a boy until he finally got his much needed rest when we got home. This kid. He really wants to rule with an iron fist and gives us such a run for our money. Good thing he's so dang cute!
KJ finally got to go on his much anticipated orchestra trip to Disneyland! It was mostly fun, as these things go when you're only in 7th grade. Glad he went and glad he's home. Now he just has to survive scout camp next month!
The Double B was off today and we went on a lovely drive up to Mount Charleston. He is doing really well. Doing awesome things at work, I'm so proud of him. He is one of the blessed people with a still mind. We are both extremely excited for our anniversary cruise next month! Getting ready to celebrate 15 years of us. Stinking awesome, that's what that is.

In conclusion, I saw this the other day and just found it truly hilarious. People just really make me laugh sometimes.

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