Monday, March 13, 2017

New Department

The Double B is managing a new department -- merchandising. He is bossing around two managers, three supervisors, and a bunch of hourly employees. Basically saving the world. He loves the change and is excited for the challenges it presents because he is a problem solver.
He goes in at two in the morning and is home sometime in the noon hour. Which actually kind of works with his natural sleep schedule. I love the extra time with him in the afternoon, except that I don't get as much done. I'd rather sit and stare at his pretty lips then clean, basically.
The only thing that's hard is if I don't get the children in bed right at 8 (the witching hour -- that is, when Marie turns into a witch) they are really dealing with a short tempered Mom, because the Double B is pretty much out for the count by 5:30. I don't like the witching hour, because my kids are adorable and don't deserve to trip over a broomstick on the way to bed! So I will need to work on that.
Totally workable, really. I love when my sweetie loves his job.

P.S. Currently listening to Benson enthusiastically sing 'Jingle Bells' from his room while trying to fall asleep. That is his favorite song and he sings it with such vigor and vim.

P.P.S. Today we watched 'Les Miserables' (okay movie, great musical, best book ever). It was the Double B's first time with the story and he asked me why Javert was doing something about half way through. I said "Well, he's not a bad guy, exactly. It's just that he only sees the law or duty, it's his obsession. He just doesn't understand..." and my wise old husband said "He doesn't understand mercy."
And I just thought that was so profound, and so true. That is the cautionary tale of Javert. May I understand mercy.

P.P.P.S. Yesterday was one of the best days of the year because DAYLIGHT SAVINGS. Hurray, sunlight!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017


For several years as teenagers, these two ladies and I were inseperable. 
Haley and Morgan and Marie.
We had many happy wonderful times together, and although time can separate and change things, I've never lost the love I've felt for them.
When Morgan's Mom Lisa "Mimi" passed away at the beginning of February, of course we came together for the funeral to remember the many hours with her, the times spent in her home and the great conversations shared. She was a great lady and I loved her very much.
The three of us had some sweet and tender moments back together again.

Fabulous Sunday

Are these the sweetest early morning snuggles or what?
 Benson hasn't been a hundred percent this week, so we all went to sacrament meeting and then the Double B took him home to rest. Sunday School got a little tricky because I was so sleepy after being up all week with Benson, so I did a little doodling. I started with drawing the wise man built his house upon the rock. That felt pious. It moved on to writing quotes from the lesson and deteriorated into stick figures of us on our anniversary cruise planned for this summer. Naturally, I sent a text of this to my beloved. Focus was a losing battle for me, I admit. But dangit, I tried!
After the traditional Sunday "linner" meal we all relaxed and watched movies as a family. We may have gone a little overboard -- we watched three! But it was so relaxing and fun, we snuggled and built Legos and Katelyn created amazing outfits to wear (which is exactly the kind of thing that I did at her age!).
We watched 'Inside Out' and it was the Double B's first time. He liked it a lot.
 Then 'The Force Awakens' for the millionth time, because it's a classic. Benson was glued to the tv, humming right along! Way too cute.
Finally, 'Malificent,' for my first time. It was just okay. 'Sleeping Beauty' is my favorite Disney movie of all time, so I felt like there were just too many liberties taken there.
Afterwards it was time for scriptures and Katee was like "But we haven't done anything today!" My answer was "what are you talking about?! We watched THREE MOVIES!!!" Cookies were also involved. Bonus.
I love Sundays.

Siblings Secret Meeting, Siblings Only

My brothers and I try to get out together every now and then, just the four of us. We have the best time ever, because we are hilarious together -- or at least, we think we are!
We had lunch at Culver's and then hiked around red rocks for awhile.
I love them and I am so glad that they are mine and I am theirs!


One of our favorite holidays and favorite family traditions: Valentine's Day and our Valentine's Day dinner! The kids get so excited and it's so fun finding little Valentine's to decorate the table and little gifts for them. Such a fun thing and takes all the pressure off of V-Day and makes it just fun. 
I love this picture of sitting down to dinner -- everyone was very excited but no one was more excited then Benson and his giant root beer.
This pic of Benny wearing Katee's Valentine crown is a classic for many, many reasons. 
 And Ben took the Harry Potter quiz to see which house he was sorted into and he got GRYFFINDOR! This Hufflepuff married a Gryffindor. That's right.
Way fun. I love our little family and I love this time in our lives.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My Artists

Yesterday I got to drive down to UNLV to watch KJ perform with the advanced orchestra in a music festival. He was one of the only 7th graders in the whole banana (the only in his school) and I was so proud of him! As I was driving through that crazy rush hour traffic I realized that I felt like my mom, off to watch my kid perform. If I can be even half as supportive to my kids as my parents were to me, they're all set. It was such a thrill to see him perform in that big beautiful auditorium. As soon as he saw me walk in his eyes lit up. The music was truly beautiful --  they did a great job --  and my eyes were full of tears most of the performance, to see my child doing something he loves so much so beautifully. There is nothing that moves me like the performing arts. They are so powerful! He was a happy kid.
Speaking of happy kids, little miss missy foo foo is a real life member of the drama club! She auditioned a few weeks ago and for the last two weeks has been going in to school early on Fridays for rehearsal. She was so nervous standing in line here to audition, and was extremely excited that she made it in! But I wasn't surprised at all, this girl is a born performer.
It's so fun to see my kids take an interest in and have a love for the arts. It's like a little cherry on top for me, because my time as a performer brought me such profound joy -- and seeing it do the same for them just touches my little pea-pickin' heart.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Restful Sunday

It's been an awesome Sabbath day.
I love Sundays, especially when they are calm and peaceful.
I taught Olivia's primary class on the publishing of the Book of Mormon and then taught the Relief Society on sisterhood and the strength women have together. I had the opportunity to fast and testimony meeting was great. After KJ and his dad got back from fast offerings we had dinner and then all watched a Disney movie about baby animals, and I really did cry over a baby leopard calling for its momma. I was scared the hyenas were going to get it, but thankfully, it's mom got there first. Nature shows are not for the faint hearted!
Lots of snuggles from the kids and teasing from the Double B. I felt the Spirit today and felt thankful that I can partake of the sacrament and start again. I felt thankful for the lessons I was able to study and like the Lord understood and accepted my fast. It was a good Sabbath day.