Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Tonight I heard KJ chasing his little brother around trying to get him to get ready for bed by saying "Respect your elders!"

Put together a "Jeopardy!" style game for the combined activity. The topics were Disney or Prophet, President Nelson, Book of Mormon, Dumbledore or Uchtdorf, More Book of Mormon, and Bishop Kendall. I think the kids had a good time. I also think my B of M questions might have been a little hard, but I love to play Book of Mormon trivia with the Double B, so I think I'm in the habit of adding a little challenge. I was proud of KJ, he's really got a lot of gospel knowledge. It was fun to put together, either way.

It's been a busy week and will stay that way. And that's okay. That just means life is bustling right along.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


I got to introduce one of my ministering sisters to "going cokin'" today. I've been thinking about her and how best to get some quality time in, and suddenly I realize that driving around drinking a soda pop is the perfect solution. She loves Dr. Pepper, I love Diet Coke. The two of us and Sonic are a match made in heaven! So I told her about how my Grandma and her friends used to do that and asked if she'd be interested, and she jumped all over it. Although she thought it was "coconuttin" instead of "goin' cokin." That's just cute. Spent a happy hour with her today admiring neighborhoods and chatting away. What a great human she is.

I think I'm going to really need to monitor my thoughts for awhile. I have noticed key things indicating a dip in my mental health. One is waking up feeling very anxious, like something disastrous is about to happen. That's been happening for awhile, and I try to be conscious of it and talk myself lovingly through it. What's been happening the last week or so but I just put my finger on it this morning is remembering obscure things from the past and feeling really angry about it and dwelling on it. Things that I'd already forgiven or that I didn't even take seriously at the time come back and feel like big offenses. Because all my reading the last few months indicates thoughts come in patterns, I'm going to put up a big fight on this one. I might chemically take a dip but I'm not going to relax into it and float along like I'm helpless in a lazyriver of misery. Where I am right now, I have a choice, and so I am going to keep fighting the good fight and practicing gratitude. Go take a flying leap, you stupid black dog. I am strong and I have many opportunities to grow and change for the better.

The Double B is in such a happy situation at work right now. He manages receiving and his little crew is just the perfect group for him. They love to laugh and joke together and he said today that it just feels like a family. I will never take a happy situation at work for granted!

Our computer took it's last electronic breath today. It has kicked the bucket. And that just makes me sad, because between the van, Benson's teeth, and this, I'm feeling a great deal poorer than I did two weeks ago. We'll work it out, and they do say that things like this come in threes. We'll probably wait just a minute and hope for a great Black Friday sale. Fingers crossed! Also... sniff.

Today marks a whole month where I have written a post every day. It is part of my Happiness Project. And darned if it hasn't given me feelings of happiness just as expected. Pat on the back, Gertrude.

Tonight I saw that Benson had drawn on the couch with pen again. When I told him, again, that this is something we should never do, he got a sad face. Then he said enthusiastically "Mom, there's something I have for you! I'll kiss you on the face!"
And then he ran up and laid a wet one on my lips. This is very not Benson. Apparently he was pretty desperate not to get in trouble.
It worked, too.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Mom Surrender

Battle Benson rages.
Honestly, this kid really pushes my buttons sometimes. Tonight I thought I'd have to give him to the trolls by the time we left Costco. That, or give myself to the trolls. Troll life might not be too bad.
I was precariously close to being one of those moms you see at the store and think "sheesh, lady."
That was almost me.

There is just nothing better and nothing harder than being a Mom. The people that give you your happiest moments can also give you your hardest. It's just a wild truth in life.

I love this adorable, fiendish human boy. I sure hope that I can raise him up in the way that he should go.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sabbath Art

I love the Sabbath day.

Today in Sunday School we were discussing Isaiah. I was really trying to focus, but I have never matured into a big Sunday School fangirl. I try. I do. I love the scriptures so much, and it is important to learn about them... so Sunday School it is. 
I like Isaiah. I don't understand as much as I would like to, but what I do understand of his prophesies of the Savior, touches my heart so much.
So tonight I looked up some paintings of what artists thought of Isaiah and found this. Isn't it beautiful?
It is 'Isaiah' by Ted Henninger.
And this one, I love it so much. I couldn't find the artist, but when I do, you'd better believe I'll tell you who painted something so beautiful.
The first portrait of Isaiah directed me to this one, 'Moses the Lawgiver,' also by Ted Henninger. Just look at those eyes.
My relationship with Moses has changed in my mid 30's. I am understanding his experiences in a whole new way and the Spirit has taught me some really important things through his stories. I have heard them all my life but now I am hearing them in a different way.
 Speaking of Moses. This painting is called 'Exodus'. I couldn't find it's artist anywhere, but this painting completely captured me.
Sabbath art could become a thing for Marie. So many amazingly talented people using their gifts to bless others. Awesome.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Garage Sale Music Football Day

What a long, busy, great day.
The day started early because now my body wakes up just before five. That's fine. Gave me time to shower and read my scriptures -- finished The Book of Mormon today. Just in time to start again tomorrow! I had some cute little snugglers for a bit while Katee read Benson some morning stories.
Then I did my yard sale for four hours and made a 'whopping' $49! My goal for yard sale satisfaction was $50, so I'm gonna be happy about that. It was outside of my comfort zone and I did it, so hooray. I figure that I made about $12.50 an hour to mostly read my book and be a little sociable with strangers. Plus, I got rid of stuff.
The Double B was the real hero during that time, driving the hour to take KJ to get registered for his Suzuki music festival and then coming back to take the other kids to a baptism. 
At noon we hurried to clean up so we could go watch KJ's concert. 
I looked into the back and saw Batman and Katelyn happily holding hands as we drove. Darn cute.
KJ did an amazing job playing with four other violists and I was really proud. Long concert, almost an hour and a half of pianos, strings, and flutes. Sounded great, kinda long. The really good news is, they gave us all a piece of cake for being such good listeners. Proud of that kid's efforts.
Benson didn't quite make it through the concert with his eyes open. Zzzzzz....
Cute boy and cute Daddy.
Rushed home for a quick date and then Grandma and Grandpa came to spend the night. Yay! A fun trip to Lobby Lobby until poor Benson took a flying leap and got a fat lip. It's just not his week for mouth safety. He was comforted by pizza and now we're watching BYU beat Hawaii, so my husband is very happy as he cross-stitches away.
A long, productive, good day.

Friday, October 12, 2018

One Of Two Parts

I want to write tonight, but not necessarily as family reporter.
It'd be cool if I suddenly developed amazingly sharp skills as a writer of short stories.
...I'm not saying it'll never happen, I'm just saying that it hasn't happened yet.

I decided to write just a few sentences about each of the women in my family. Just a little bit, though I could write a lot. For not growing up with any sisters, I have been really blessed to have many amazing sisters now, and I love them all. I know it's not exactly the same as having a blood sister, but it's pretty close.

The Double B's Family:

Kate is my mother-in-law and is a woman that has lived like fifty lifetimes in one. She has many fascinating stories, and I love to hear them all. She is wise. She has endured a lot of challenging things while still laughing and finding joy in her life. This could be her true super power.

Jan is the Double B's oldest sister. She and I are sympatico. I have always felt like we just get each other. She makes me laugh with her snarky comments and her view of the world. I will eat anything she makes, ever.

Susan is married to Tony. She is strong and steady. I don't think that I have ever seen her get worked up. (Wait. Once. It was about mortgage lending practices.) She is intelligent and very patient, and she remembers details when she talks to you.

Sabrina is next. She is a worker bee and is very task oriented. In a sitting contest, I would out-sit her every time. She is friendly and private. And athletic -- she just ran the St. George marathon, so that's cool.

Megan is right next to the Double B in age. I have always felt the most at home with Megan. She is a gifted person at including others and making them feel lighthearted and accepted just as they are. She can talk to anybody and is just a lot of fun.

The Double B adores his sisters and apparently feels like adoring at this level means that he should harass them and boss them around at every opportunity. Thankfully, they don't listen to him. He is crazy about them. They are each wonderful human beings.

Well, folks, that's as far as I'm getting tonight. We're going to have to call this a two part series.

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Today I went through all the boxes in my garage. It was a lot of work but it was fun, because we all know that I love nothing more than throwing things away. I filled up the trash bin and the recycling bin and got several items for our garage sale this weekend (my first ever. I don't know how that's going to go, but it's worth a try). I now know pretty much everything we own.
Sigh of contentment.