Thursday, August 25, 2016

August Is Almost Gone

I pretty much have missed the month. History will not be able to give us full report. Future Marie, just know that this month could not have been more psychotic, and you're not sorry it's over! We moved, scrubbed the old house, bought a new car and as of yesterday, charged a major repair on the other car to the friendly people at Visa, because our savings are officially tapped out. Good times. Good times. But don't despair, self. It will all work out fine, as we know from past experience. 
Benson added to the fun by being sick during the moving week. Fever and overall misery, making mommy snuggles the most desired and last available medicine. It was pretty rough for the little guy. 
He is in recovery, but driving me crazy. Being two is super rough. The great news is, he figured out how to take selfies on my phone. So I'm finding some treasures. What a squishy face. 
This morning he'd sharpied himself before seven in the morning! Battle Benson has commenced. May we come out the other side in one piece! 
Adulting is not for the faint of heart. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Guest Blogger

The last couple of weeks Olivia has had a real ear adventure. She had an ear infection and the doctor said they were also clogged with ear wax and after she'd had a week of antibiotics we'd need to get the wax removed. Which happened last night, and she was very brave. She asked if she could write all about it on my blog! And I thought that was pretty awesome. So, without further ado, may I present my first guest blogger -- Miss Olivia:

Olivia here. So getting ear wax out of youre ears suck big time. if youve gotten ear wax out of your ears welcome to the club.  Dad, "welcome  abourd". Mom "sorry". Well i got it on a Wednesday  night at activity days. Then the foliwing saterdaay dad took me the the docters. After a week of ear drops we had to get the wax out dad put on these type of drops that make the ear wax softer. I had to do that with both ears but at defrente times. Once the drops were in an ear i had to lay on my side and wait for fifteen minutes. And its relly echy and the worst part is that i  could not de-itch my ear #makingupnewwords. well any way back to the story my dad then took me to the bath and flushed out the ear wax with warm water and the ear
wax came out just like that. then we had to do the other side well you get the picture.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Foot Injury '16

KJ got a little more then he bargained for at a scout swimming activity when his baby toe got caught going down the slide.
We spent some high quality hours in the emergency room together making sure they wouldn't "have to amputate", or anything. 
It's funny, because that morning I felt like something was going to happen at scouts. I just kept warning him to be careful and be cautious then the phone rang with an unknown number and I knew it was the bishop. I was thankful it was just a foot Injury and not something more serious, but he was sure in a lot of pain, poor guy. It was just after the urgent cares had closed, and the toe was turned clear sideways and ballooned up, and the swelling and bruising went up his foot, so we decided to take him in. 
The first hospital we went to was crazy with sick people and so we drove to another. At some point trying to get to the car his foot had touched down and his toe snapped back into place and faced up again, so that was good. The fine people at the second hospital were very nice, and about three and a half hours and some x-rays later, we were told it was a severe sprain and he'd be fine in a few weeks with some tlc.
Poor guy. He requested a stop at McDonald's and we pulled in at 12:43 a.m. He got the breakfast burrito meal, planned for when he and Liv can go to drive-thrus late at night as teenagers, and I finally got him tucked in and climbed into bed myself. Long night, thankful it's not worse, not looking forward to that medical bill. 
Here is a brief look at days 1-4, clock-wise. There was some awesome bruising. Still not 100%, but on our way. 

The Race Begins

It's been an adventurous few days. 
They are raising our rent $200 a month (whaaaa??) So we have to find a new place to live. We knew that a week ago but spent that week getting beat around the bush trying to talk them out of it.  No such luck. We have until August 20th. The kids are desperate to stay in the same schools and ward, so we are hoping for a minor miracle (even the school would be great). Doesn't matter as much to the Double B and I on a personal level but it matters so much to them that it becomes personal to us. 
Then yesterday, tragically, ol' Bessie died. Our old, wonderful family vehicle, the Durango, died. Thankfully, she died where the Double B could get into a parking lot and we miraculously made it to a mechanic shop when I went to get him. Blown gasket. Dead. Dead as a door nail. This was an unexected and tragic bummer, as we thought she'd live another year or so and we'd have the opportunity to save and pay cash for a new set of wheels. Not in the cards. Thankfully, we only have two more car payments on the car, so that's a blessing. But we were SO CLOSE to getting out of debt!!! So close. Oh well. We'll just put our shoulder back to the wheel and push along. 
So. We need a new place to live. We need to move into it. And we need a new car. Stat. Ha! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Senior Manager

Art work cheering on Daddy.
The Double B got a long-worked-for promotion. In fact, it was the promotion we were going to move to Florida for -- he became a "staff level" manager... here in Las Vegas. It opened up quite suddenly and he GOT it. We are still amazed and so thankful, because we are so used to "no" -- but I think this awesome man is finally starting to meet some green lights in his career. And that just fills my heart, because I love him so.
We don't know, but we think that his warehouse manager kind of went to bat for the Double B when we chose to stay here. Obviously the LORD went to bat for us! I can't believe it. He didn't get a raise, but for the next few years it is much more about the steps then any significant raise, and this was a very important step. He only has two more to get to his goal and we are going to race!
This scripture came into my life over the last couple months and I have leaned heavily on it -- 
trusting that things WOULD work together for good. I have recited it and thought on it and trusted it. I am so thankful for this little and big step in the right direction. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

4th Of July

Such a fun 4th of July weekend in Southern Utah.
Pretty good tiny town parade -- about ten entries! 
Went to the park to have fun with all the games, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa. 
Besties Benson and Bia had a blast (except when she kept wanting to hold him in her lap. He didn't like that too well, but she sure did!) These two are ridiculously cute together. 
Grandparents and donuts. What more do you need in life? 

Lazy Days Of Summer

Messy snacks:
Quality reading:
Creative play:
Movies and popcorn:
Text conversations with my brothers:
(P.S. Thanks to my brother Matt, I know my Transgender name. It's Bobby Aurora. His is Jenny Cinderella. These are the things you text about when you have my brothers.)

Scary previews:
Attempted exercise routines:
Invitations to lunch meetings with strange mustachioed men:
Big accomplishments:
Katee finished her first big girl book!