Saturday, March 10, 2018

Captain Random Thought

Cutest picture of all time? Very possible. Benny was being a bit of a bear (alliterations, I love you), and his daddy knew he needed a nap. Convinced him to snuggle, and wallah! 
He was still a bit of a bear when he woke up, but still. For this moment, all was right in the world. 
Actually, I'd been reading stories about my ancestors on Family Search and was shedding a few tears at the time (Family Search does that to me), and when I looked over and saw my two BRB's so sweetly snuggled (alliteration again. Dang, Marie, you're on a roll), I kind of really sniffled for a moment! Very sweet.

My brother Matt and his family stopped by today on their way back from California. We were so glad to have them! It really means a lot when people go out of their way to come see us. Love my brother, love his little family, love laughing because my brother is around and he makes things funnier.

The trees are blossoming and it rained a little today and spring could not have come at a better time! So ready for it. I have just struggled to feel a hundred percent since Christmas, and I'm hoping the end of the winter season will help.  Spring always helps!

Angry Marie has been visiting more then I would like lately. I think it's the same plight many women experience, which is the do-I-really-have-to-do-everything-around-here syndrome. I need to A) stop doing everything around here, and B) stop being so hostile while drawing my new line in the sand. It's such a balancing act being a human being sometimes, isn't it. Sigh. There's a chance I could figure it out one day, though. Not a big chance, but a chance.

Skin conditions are the worst.

I tried a new shampoo for my itchy scalp. My scalp feels amazing; my hair stinks.

I don't want to have inappropriately long hair for my age. But I love having long hair. I really love it. And I think it's my best feature. So it's a real question. I don't think my Grandma would approve, though, since I'm almost 35 (#sparklebarf). Just for the record. But the Double B says that's okay, because he approves. And I approve. So Granny wouldn't mind.

I got my first ever flower from Benson today. He walked to get the mail with Livi and asked her to get a tree blossom for him, and then told her it was for Mommy! He was so proud to give it to me, and it just warmed my pea-pickin' heart. Happy day when you're little boy is giving you flowers.
That's pretty much it. These random thoughts have been brought to you, once again, by Captain Marie.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Prayer Texts?

I have been thinking it would be really nice for me if I could text God. I am not a good phone talker-on-er. I have always just been terrible at that form of communication, but I can text you all day long. And I realized, (because consistent, heartfelt, everyday prayer is one of my biggest struggles) that prayer actually feels very similar for me to talking on the phone. Hard to talk for a long time and to stay focused and heartfelt. But I'm always sending up little snippets. Basically, I send prayer texts. So I'm wondering if Heavenly Father would mind if we just kind of spiritually texted back and forth. I personally think it is one of my better plans. I think it could be great, if He'd be willing.
I told the Double B about this little thought cloud and he said "just make sure you don't send Him an lol." Ha ha ha.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Marie Impersonates Laman And Lemuel

I'm frustrated this week. Everything seems off. You know why? Because I'm lacking in my attitude of gratitude. I KNOW. I could/should be more grateful and then everything would be much more manageable. I know. Moving on.

I suffer from the same basic maladies as every other human. I know. Sometimes I just don't handle it as well as everybody else. I think that has to be okay for now.

I think I might have just come on here to be ornery. That's an actual possibility.
And isn't that the craziest way to spell a word ever? Ornery? I've never understood that one.

I made KJ go to school today, even though he announced he wasn't going because his stomach was upset. Full disclosure: I don't like decisions like these to be 'announced' to me by my children. Asking will get you a lot farther. Helpful tip. So I let him miss his early bird orchestra class, but by the time that hour was over he was well enough to be bossing his little brother and playing chess with Olivia, and was otherwise acting just fine, so I decided he was just fine to go to school. He was not pleased with my decision (though I assure you, it was a sound one). He trudged through getting dressed and basically refused to do his hair, even though he looked crazy. His Dad isn't gonna love the crazy hair when he gets home, but oh well. I also made him go because he has to finish building a bridge. He sprang a bridge building competition he has to go to tomorrow (downtown! Ugh!) on me last night, even though tomorrow is crazy and HOW. Also, WHY. And his bridge is not done. I wasn't pleased at this very last minute announcement so then climbed in bed thinking I'm the worst because my parents would have totally supported me in my bridge building competition. But in my defense, I don't think they would have been happy if I'd sprung it on them, either. Maybe. Who knows (they do).
I'm a good Mom. Sometimes I'm a great Mom. And sometimes, I'm just an okay Mom. This week I have not been ten out of ten. But dangit, I try.

While I'm on a complaining roll, I  might as well mention that I am having an eczema flare-up for the record books. Not too comfortable, the skin on my body. Having sensitive skin is for the birds.

Ha ha. Ha ha ha. I'm pathetic. It's kind of cracking me up, though, and I need a good cheer up!

I love March. I especially love my brother Jon, who turns 39 todaaaaay! I love my big brother. He is the actual best.
It's going to be a crazy, crazy busy month, ending with a trip to Kansas City the last week of this month for spring break. Everybody is excited for that. Lots to do in the meantime!

Thanks for listening to me complain. You guys are nice. And quite frankly, I'm proud of myself. I could have complained a lot longer, ha ha.

Babysitting then missionaries this afternoon then young women meetings tonight. Fitting my kids, husband, and house in there somewhere.
Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Bunk Beds

A few months ago Daddy decided he wanted to make bunk beds for our girls. Phew! What a labor of love that turned out to be! It took a lot of hard work from Daddy, and Mommy had to give up the garage for a couple of months so that he could have a work shop, but the day finally arrived.
First off, let's talk about how cute the Double B is. Wicked cute. Especially since I was making him really laugh here, and that is one of my favorite activities, making the Double B laugh. Just wildly cute.
We have been saving up for quite some time to buy new beds for us and the girls, and we finally bought them on Monday (President's Day sales, baby). Woot woot! We are great believers in paying with cash, and like Dave Ramsay says, it really hurts to hand over that much money, so you really think things through. But we reached our goal... pat on the back, us! We got three very nice beds, and they scheduled the delivery for Thursday.
 Now, by this time the building of the beds had kind of stalled. He was sick of them, and I could totally empathize with that, but I was even more sick of not having a garage, ha ha! So we worked hard (I was the faithful assistant and sidekick here) and Wednesday night, they were finally finished! And they looked so beautiful. I am so proud of him! What a stud. Handy Manny himself.
We worked all day Thursday basically re-moving our house with all the purging we did in the kids rooms (since KJ was inheriting our basically new bed and Benson was -- sniff -- finally moving into a big boy bed). It was a pretty much exhausting couple of days! But the beautiful reward was in this moment -- when Daddy got to have the girls close their eyes and he led them into their room for the big reveal:
 They are in love and we're pretty pleased, too. 
Everyone slept very nicely on their brand new mattresses. The end.

Beautiful Baby Claire

Our beautiful new niece and cousin Claire joined our family this month! She is the third little girl for my brother Nick and heroic sister-in-law Silvia, and the little tiny caboose of the whole family!
She is just the cutest little thing. We love her so much already! Being Aunt Rie is one of the highlights of my life. I love my nieces and nephews so much and they bring so much to my life.
 This is one of my favorite pictures of Katee Jill ever. You can see the sweetness and goodness in her eyes as she cuddles her new little friend.
The baby whisperer! Liv is a lover of little ones and sits anxiously waiting her next turn to love on little Miss Claire.
The oldest and the youngest. The first and the last. Kaje loves his tiniest cousin.
Benson likes the idea of "Baby Claire" but is much more nervous of her in real life right now! Plus, it's hard to compete for his attention when his favorite Bianca is in the room.
We love you, Baby Claire! And we are so happy for your Mom and Dad!

STEM Acceptance!

The middle school KJ goes to is being transformed into a STEM Magnet school next year. 
It's been a lottery system to get accepted, and oh boy, was Olivia feeling the pressure! She just wanted to go so badly, and has had to wait almost two months for the email announcing her fate:
And... hurray! She got selected!!
 She is so, so happy for this opportunity (as you can see from her face). Pretty exciting times for this little nugget.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Broken Disks

Today I went into the bedroom before heading out to pick up the girls from school, and there on the bed was a broken DVD -- the recording of me performing in Steel Magnolias, so long ago. Just laying broken in several pieces. Felt like my heart was ripped right out. I know on one level it's a little thing. But it's not a little thing to me. It's not a little thing at all. That little dvd held a precious memory -- of who I once was, of who, independent of all of this, I still am. It was going to be something my grandchildren could watch to see a different side of grandma. I gave up that part of myself, it's gone. It was a trade. But now I don't even get to share the memory of it. And that makes me so very, very sad.