Saturday, December 15, 2018

Today In Ten Parts

Today was an adventure.
1) We went to the ward breakfast/Christmas party.
2) We went to KJ's recital with his viola teacher.
3) We met my parents in Mesquite for lunch. Muy bueno.
4) We got stuck in a traffic jam all for one of Benson's little friends birthday party. Someone give us an award.
5) Went to said birthday party.
6) Drove home in Las Vegas traffic. Took forever.
7) Read several talks on patriarchal blessings with KJ.
8) Watched two episodes of a sitcom, laying in my bed waiting for the apocalypse. It never came.
9) Opened a bunch of beautiful Christmas cards and felt loved.
10) Wrote a blog post.
A full day. Next up? Bedtime.

Friday, December 14, 2018


Tonight while shopping for Christmas a nice lady told me my sweater looked cozy.
It is, in fact, the coziest sweater of them all. I am a great believer in accepting compliments, so thanks, sweater appreciator lady! It is sups coze. My Mom has it's twin, we are sweater twins.
I should have told that sweater lady that, I bet she would have liked that little tidbit.
Next time! Next time someone calls my sweater cozy looking, I'll remember.
I ordered my groceries online from Wal-Mart again today. It makes me so happy. And here's how I foiled the gremlins at Costco: I took myself and my audio book, stuck the speakers in my ear balls, and was COMPLETELY UNFAZED. Obviously this is the way to do your Costco shopping. If you can't hear the people, and you make sure to avoid direct eye contact, are they even really there? Hashtag anti-social. Hashtag sorta-kidding.
I love imagining my great-grandchildren trying to figure out why Granny B says hashtag. It gives me my daily jollies.
Today the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints announced a change in when children and youth will advance in their classes, and for KJ, this is a big change, because it means he will most likely become a priest in the aaronic priesthood in January. Pretty much a whole year ahead of when we were expecting! Lots of things happening for KJ lately. It's hard to wrap my head around this little boy growing up so fast, but we are so thankful for each and every step along the way. He gets his patriarchal blessing on Sunday, and we are so excited for him.
The Doubley-Doubly B and I went on our weekly date night tonight and then he went to bed and I took all the kids to the scholastic warehouse and just the girls to the smelly lotion store. I'm so brave. They all had fun and the girls completely adored going and smelling every scent available in order to pick their favorite, "just in case" Mom decided to get them some for Christmas. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Bob's your uncle. I think they enjoyed pretending not to know what Mom was buying.

I need to post the account I wrote of my Dad's stroke. I'm glad that I wrote it when I did, because I don't think I could do it now. But I don't want to proof read it, either, nobody likes remembering traumatic events. I need to just do it. He fell yesterday in a parking lot and that's just so hard to hear. Poor Trina was with him and was so upset. Thankfully two kind, big men were there and came to help. I hope I can learn to be a helper in this life. Honestly. He's okay but it's just a long road to recovery with falls along the way. As my sweetie reminded me tonight, he WILL get there. So relax, daughter that wants everything to be easier for her parents right now! Look for the miracles. They are absolutely there. And remember the great thought you tattooed on your bum that time takes time. It really does! Reeeelax, little grasshopper. He got to go to his work Christmas party and was so happy about that! He was basically homecoming king. I'm thankful for so so many amazing people in his life and in our lives. And remember what Tommy Monson said:
I believe that.
God is our loving Heavenly Father. I believe that with all my heart.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Concerts Continue

My name is Bond. KJ Bond.
Christmas concert tonight for Kaje. He is second chair viola in the advanced orchestra, and dangit, I'm proud of this kid. And quite frankly, I'm proud of myself, for baking such a handsome and kind human being. The tux really got me (tie askew and all). I sure love these tiny chickens of mine!
Things from the past that have come back to haunt me #587: drinking all of my parents soda. I'm sorry that I did that, parents. I know now that all you really wanted was the therapeutic fizz to get you through. Just know, I have been repaid for my misdeeds, many, many, many times over.

The end.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Pioneer Post

This is going to be one of those posts that is kind of boring. Like the pioneer journal you occasionally come upon that only tells you the weather.

Dear Diary,
Today it was a balmy 64 degrees. I saw seven clouds. Ethel and I plowed the fields.
Welp, that's all for today.

BUT I DON'T CARE IF IT'S BORING. I don't have one single interesting thing to say. But in the name of continuity, I POST.

My house is ahead of me. In the form of, I have four children who mess it up faster then I can clean it. I thought it would improve as they got older, but if anything, it's worse. So I'm behind. I'm also behind in Christmas shopping, treat making, gift wrapping, and things keep getting added to my calendar. Saturday and Sunday are starting to look ugly. The older and busier my kids get, the busier that I get by default. Which is great and fabulous. This paragraph is getting away from me; the point of this here little paragraph is, the house is clean when they get home and a wreck by bedtime. Rinse, repeat. Moving on.

I had to go to Costco today. Sigh.
When we were first married, my wonderful mother-in-law would say how much she hated grocery shopping, but I just couldn't relate because I thought it was kind of fun. But now I know that she was right, because grocery shopping is basically my nightmare. I don't think people are very nice while grocery shopping and especially at Costco, I just think those people are naughty. So I put it off until I can't put it off anymore. And I have to go again on Friday (she says sadly).

Benson and I went with KJ to the high school choir concert tonight so he could get a little extra credit (he wants to make a B an A). It was very festive. Liv went to the Christmas festival at the middle school with Hadley. Katelyn thoroughly enjoyed having the computer all to herself. And the Double B went in at midnight and will again tonight. I can hear him snoring through the wall.

And then Ethel and I went and plowed the field.
The end.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Stealth Tuesday

My little buddy and I, just sharing a heating pad. 
Let us never take for granted the beauty of a homemade heating pad. My favorite pain reliever, comfort object, and dearest inanimate friend.

Today was my official ministering day. "Coking" with one, home visit with another, but the card writing for the last will have to be tomorrow, cause i forgot today. I like ministering. I try to keep up with things throughout the month, but face to face time feels important for me (but everybody's different). One of the sisters who ministers to me sent a text to check in on my dad last week and it was kind of amazing how good that made me feel. So it doesn't take much, but knowing someone cares makes all the difference.

Today i was a Mom taxi, big time. Mom taxis are cool. 

My girls are watching Bob Ross paint an ocean cliff scene on Netflix right now with rapt attention. They love Bob Ross, but to be fair, every living creature should. Katelyn is sad that Bob is no longer with us. Olivia assured her that he's probably painting clouds now. Kate has her doubts about the way he's painting the big wave dashing on the cliff but said "Honestly, i have no idea what he is doing, but it's probably going to all work out." Yep. Bob is boss.

Talked to my Mom tonight. Now SHE has the stomach flu, poor woman. I love my parents. The situation really does suck, but they sure don't. They are really something special.

I saw stealth bombers flying today while out driving!(!!!) I yelled in excitement, pulled over, and jumped out of the car to watch them like three times. They were so low and right over me. It was totes amaze. I never get sick of those jets, but this was the first time I've seen the stealth in action up close. I'm too much of my dad's daughter to not just have an absolute bird over something like that!

That's all.
Good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

Monday, December 10, 2018

A Pirates Life For Judy

Here is a collection of simple quotes that I've found the last few days that just seem outrageously profound to me and I'm adding them to my collection:

"Time takes time."
(So simple, but wow, a good reminder for our little Marie.)

"If God places a Goliath in front of you, he must see a David within you."
(I think this must be true.)

"I see your fear, but I also see your courage and it's bigger."
(What a great thought.)

"On The Lord's Time."
(I forget this one all the time, and I really, really need to remember it.)

I really like those. I like things that inspire me and I collect them for rainy days. This seems like a good time in my life to hold to the good and the faithful, and to remember that it doesn't rain every day.

Funny moments from the Family B:

Yesterday Benny was irritating KJ and I said to the Double B "If Benson gained a healthy respect for the giants in his life it would be a good thing." The Double B answered "I have a feeling that Benson isn't going to gain a healthy respect for anything in his life." Ha ha. Of course we don't really believe that, but he sure is a rambunctious little fellow.

Today my honey was off and he called me his 'girlfriend'. 
Benson: "Who's your girlfriend, Daddy?"
BB: "Mommy is."
Benson: "Oh. Well, YaYa is MY girlfriend. I love her so much! She is my girlfriend, and she is my sister. I just love her so much."
Isn't that so sweet? Heart melted. 
Of course, YaYa was so very delighted to hear this when she got home. Those two have always had such a sweet bond.
She wanted to take a picture to document the day she got to be Benson's girlfriend.
I love Katelyn laying face down in the background. That really adds something.

Tonight when Benny came in for scriptures, he was singing one of his favorite songs. This time he added a little twist all his own: "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for...JUDY!"
What a guy.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Activity Days And Other Happenings

Isn't this the cutest picture of our girls?
Both so unique and so sweet.
Tonight was recognition night for Activity Days -- Katee's first and Livi's last. They asked Olivia to give a talk on testimonies and she did awesome. Katelyn drew her a picture to use as a visual aid in her talk. It was fun to watch. 
Then we came home and gratefully ate what the instant pot had made for us -- roast with potatoes and carrots. That thing is the best. 
I just keep fighting this darn headache every evening this week. I've always had a problem with carrying all my tension in my shoulders and neck, they get crazy tight and then the tension headaches start until I figure out something to do about it. I honestly need to learn to reeeelax. Life long pursuit, right there.
Went walking with Kendra early this morning and that was a great way to start my Sunday.
In Sacrament Meeting Benson very methodically laid out his hymn book as a pillow, rearranged his pictures, laid down and peacefully fell asleep. And stayed asleep on his hymn book pillow until ten minutes before church let out. Now that's a nap!
Talked to my Mom tonight and they are doing pretty good. My Dad has had the stomach flu and I worry about all that my Mom has on her plate right now. The Double B's poor Mom has had the shingles and has been absolutely miserable. Believe it or not, I had shingles once, and so I know for sure that it is the pit of despair...and hers covers a much bigger area. We've just felt so bad for her, but she's slowly recovering. This is definitely a time when it would be extremely convenient to live up the street from our parents, but I guess I'll just be grateful that we're not across the country!
All the hard helps you appreciate the good, right? Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the opportunity to live this crazy life! Thank you for things like little girls and hymn book pillows and Activity Days recognition nights! 💖💖