Friday, May 8, 2015

Perfect Weekend

Early in the morning on April 16 (post tax-season survival for my mom), my parents and Jon and Trina arrived for a long, fabulous weekend. 
We had the BEST TIME EVER. The Double B took off work and we played games, took adventures, and LAUGHED, LAUGHED, LAUGHED. 
It was ridiculously awesome. 
Benson was the happy recipient of lots and lots of lovin', and I was the happy recipient of LETTING him get lots and lots of lovin' (not from me).
We showed them our favorite haunts, played 50 million rounds of hand and foot, had a game night with the Tates, a date night with just the grown ups, a delicious Sunday dinner like only my mom can make, and they were there when we found out that we are moving to Las Vegas. 
So it was pretty much the perfect weekend. 
We loved, loved, loved having them come. When you are far away, nothing compares to a visit from your family! Thanks for coming, guys! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Last night a storm system moved in that was absolutely amazing. I wish pictures could show it's scope and color. I follow the National Weather Service on Facebook, as I've become kind of a weather fan, so I knew it was coming but it wouldn't produce any tornadic conditions. They had to issue several reassurances around the area, though! Including to my husband. Because those clouds were SWIRLING. It was honestly one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in the amazing Midwestern sky. They were in several layers and configurations of different dark and menacing colors, moving in all directions, so low you couldn't believe it. The sky would flash and both big and large masses would start to move down and rotate. It was absolutely incredible. I am so glad I saw it! Especially since I knew we were perfectly safe! The Double B said he couldn't imagine getting any closer to seeing the real thing, and he is right! It was right over our house giving us an amazing show. It was so beautiful. What an incredible planet. I'm glad we have that memory to take with us. 

Getting Ready

My fabulous humans. 
It's been an interesting few days! Praying people will come look at our house. Going somewhere to loiter when they do! This has been yet another addition to the "interesting experience" arsenal, that is for sure. It is a challenge for me to not become consumed with worry about selling our house. There is a story in our family folklore that when my grandpa K.J. would become frustrated with my Grandma's antics he would say "Damn it, Iona!"  He could do that because he was crazy about her, of course. I think the Double B would like to use similar phraseology on me! We are so very different that in these stressful situations it becomes very glaringly obvious. I know that is why we married each other. We're each others best hope of becoming a whole person! 
It occurred to me that in a way, this is like the exclamation point on this whole Kansas City experience for me. I will sum up the thousand lessons I've learned in one sentence: Dear Marie, Trust the Lord and Conquer Your Fears. And I can do that. I can trust Him that He will take care of our family. I can conquer the fear I carry of the "what ifs." I can apply my faith that it will all work out. He has never left us before and He won't leave us now. 
On Sunday as I walked towards my cutie pie husband holding my cutie pie baby, I also realized something else important: we don't need a thousand people to look at our house. We only need the right people to look at it! Praying they will find us. 
My classes are being taught at the church this week and then next Wednesday is the recital! And then we pack up the truck and head west. Lots to do before then. Applying my faith!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Resistance Is Futile

Business casual. Just getting ready to go putter around while our house gets shown! Sure love these two boys.  
I read a very fascinating article last night in which the author said "that which you resist, persists." Speaking of personal growth amongst other things. This idea was first introduced to me about five or so years ago, when I heard the opinion that if you don't learn from your trials, you'll just keep repeating the same trial over and over and over again, in slightly different form. That really rang a bell for me, mostly because it was entirely true in my life! So I started trying to figure out what I was supposed to learn from a particular hardship, and darned if it didn't shift and move on to something new and exciting.  
So basically, I already knew the idea was true. But reading that last night was like a neon light flashing Hey Marie This Is Real -- "that which you resist -- persists."
Let's face it, I've resisted a lot of things these last couple of years. Even though I was growing by leaps and bounds, I was still often resisting the very opportunity, or the circumstance, or the necessity of it. 
The Lord is ever patient, I know that in my heart. And He had been endlessly patient with me, helping me grow in spite of myself. But I don't want to repeat the trial, does that make sense? I don't want to resist anymore. 
So I have this opportunity to be resistance-free in Las Vegas. To be Real. To speak and act as I really am. To let people in. I desperately want to let people close to me. So as much as I appreciate Kansas City and all it represents in the story of my life, this is my official farewell. I'm shutting the door on this phase and opening it to another, hopefully better, hopefully brighter, more resistance-free experience. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015


This picture rocks. 
It had been the most fascinating week. Thursday through Monday we had the best time ever with my parents and Jon and Trina, who so graciously came out for a much needed visit. So fun!!!
Monday night we found out Ben got the job he's been wanting and was such a competitive position -- as a merch manager in a Costco Business Center only two hours away from our parents. 
So we're moving across the country again! In about three weeks time again! 
We're so excited to be close to family again. Two hours versus almost twenty is nothing! This will be a great blessing for our family. But meeting with the realtor and feeling the stress of selling the house and the financial fears with that have been enough to almost give me a stroke. I will trust in the Lord and lean not into my own understanding -- that's the only way. 
So here we go again. 
So excited! So hopeful! So nervous! Praying so fervently that the Lord will bless us as we seek to do his will. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Easter coincided with General Conference this year. Look! Our neighbor took this picture for us! 
We had our Easter egg hunt on Saturday evening -- the kids lucked out, because I had a package of eggs stuffed with candy and the Double B goes "that's not enough eggs!!!" And went to the store to buy more eggs and candy, ha ha. That's what happens when your Dad loves Easter a whole, whole lot. 
I was very impressed with how kind and considerate KJ and Olivia were. We didn't give them a set number of eggs, just asked them to help Kate and make sure she got her share, too. They had her back and would pass over eggs, and point eggs out to her. Awesome. KJ found the special egg! He was mighty proud! Olivia kept reminding him "Well, you don't have to brag about it." Which is exactly the thing a sibling has to say in these situations. 
The Easter Bunny did a good job hiding the baskets this year. Poor KJ couldn't find his behind daddy's ties and I thought he was going to have an actual coronary. Thankfully, after suggesting that hopping had been heard in the closet earlier, they gave it another try and Olivia saved the day. He was mighty relieved! 
I had decided this year I was making the fancy Easter dinner, and Sunday morning as I was putting it all together, I totally felt like my Mom (which is always a happy achievement). I was thinking about how holidays bring out one of my favorite parts of marriage -- taking the traditions you both grew up with, and combining them to create something beautiful for your own little family. 
It was a wonderful General Conference. The kids did great, and KJ even built legos and listened to the whole thing of his own free will. That made me happy. Some of my favorite talks were from Linda K. Burton, Brent H. Nielson, and Jeffrey R. Holland. I am thankful for my personal witness of a living prophet, but most importantly, I am thankful by my personal witness of a Father in Heaven that loves and cares for us, His little children.