Friday, December 2, 2016

My Own Personal Teenager

KJ is trying to ruin my life by growing up. 
Here he is, waking up on his birthday as a 13-year-old. Why, KJ? Why???
I am truly baffled that I am old enough to have a teenager. It really does seem like he was just my fuzzy little happy boy, learning to sit up and chewing on his Charlie the Chick book. Heck, it really does seem like I just became a teenager myself! And yet here we are. 
He has brought me so much happiness all of his life. He is truly a joy and such a good boy  (okay, guy. Such a good guy).
He brings his own kind of magic to this world. 
We had such a fun day celebrating as a family and then that weekend he had a birthday party with some friends (I know, I allowed a party! I rock).
So now we have a teenager. He has my heart. Hopeful that we can make it through these years peacefully and we are so excited to see the person he becomes! 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Tradition And Grandma's Eyeball

We had our second annual "Holiday Kick Off" Family Home Evening, and it went splendidly. The kids were so excited to come home from school and see their tins on the table. They gathered so sweetly around the painting of the nativity and we all talked together about the birth of our Savior, Mary and Joseph, the Star, the Shepherds, the Wise Men and why we give gifts. 
We read "I Believe In Santa Claus," which is a total classic. And always brings a tear to my eyeball, cause I'm a tear in my eyeball kind of Christmas gal. It is a sweet little picture book telling of how Santa is a symbol. And how all symbols of Christmas point us to the Savior. Love it. 
The kids all loved their Christmas threads (especially Olivia, who had been eyeing that dress for quite some time). It's such a fun little Tradition and I'm glad we started it. Traditions are one of my favorite things. 
Speaking of eyeballs, poor Grandma had to have surgery on hers. The good news for us was that we got to have Grandma and Aunt Megan stay the night with us! The bad news for Grandma is she had to have surgery on her eyeball. That woman is a trooper, let me tell you. I couldn't love and admire her more. Benson didn't mind her pirate patch at all. He was just glad to snuggle up with her under her blanket and watch while Aunt Megan kindly helped us put up our Christmas tree (which looks beautiful, and I am telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth).
We loved having them come and stay. KJ was even informing me on the way to school what kinds of Christmas lights Aunt Megan likes and what kind she doesn't, since he and Liv got to go to the store to buy more with Megan and Daddy, which was pretty thrilling. 
The holiday season is underway. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Thanksgiving was just downright blissful this year. The kids had the whole week off of school, so we went up to my parents and loitered. It was so much fun! The kids and I visited the temple and I found out that I have somehow NEVER TOLD MY CHILDREN about how their Dad proposed to me. Say whaaaa? The situation was quickly rectified. And here we are, four children later.
We had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner at Sabrina's house. Jan and John came down, so clearly we laughed our heads off. We really love those two. I like this picture of Jan and the Double B. I think you can really see the sibling thing. 
Liv finished her second Harry Potter with all that extra reading time. She's loving it! 
Grandma rocking the birthday hat and shirt KJ made for her 75th birthday (we met for dinner in Mesquite with her sisters and he was so proud to give it to her) and dancing a jig with Benson. He thought that was very groovy. 
After dinner we headed up to "the cracks" to explore with these weirdos. 
My kids are really lucky to have such awesome sauce people in their lives. 
Sitting on Grandpa's feet and eating all his food. Pretty much sums up the week! 
My Mom and I shopped till we dropped on Black Friday and then we all explored parks and ate at Culver's... twice. 
So dreamy that it was hard to come back to real life! Those are the holiday events you hope for in this life. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Halloween '16

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but I was very chill this year -- it just sort of arrived! I did end up dressing up, though, for the free donut at Krispy Kreme. 
We did our favorite traditions -- donuts and then corndogs from Sonic! The very picture of healthy choices. Sure is fun, though. 
Baby Wizard wearing my little witch cape from when I was a tyke myself. He utterly hated it! It didn't last long, but it was sure cute while it lasted. 
The beautiful Princess Anna from Arundel.
The Little Mermaid, ready to pull in her haul. 
A wizard from Hogwarts. Ravenclaw House, of course. 
It was our least successful trick or treat ever -- no one was home and really, we only went around the block before they just wanted to go home and pass out candy. Then there was concern because hardly anyone came! Oh, well. They'd gotten a lot of candy at Grandma and Grandpa's trunk or treat on Saturday. It was just fun to be together. 

Cubs Win!!!

It was the year that The Double B has dreamed of all his life! 
The Cubs won the National League pennant.
Then on to the World Series against the Indians. I couldn't believe it! BB was beside himself. It went all the way to Game Seven! 
Grandma came down on November 2 for an eye appointment. Since Dad B's birthday is the 3rd, we had a pizza party to celebrate his birthday as we listened to Game 7.
In the 10th inning, after a rain delay, WE WON! We couldn't believe it! It was so darn fun to see my husband have that moment. 
After more then a hundred years with no World Series, and a whole lifetime of being the world's biggest fan, and sharing that with his Dad... it was just special. Sincerely special. 
It was a night for the books. 

Time Out

My favorite weekend of the year! Time Out For Women. 
It was in Vegas this year and we heard the best talks and had a great time. 
So thankful for these amazing ladies in my life!!!
Me and my Mom. I think the older I get the more I look like her, and that is pretty much great. 

Concert Visitors

Grandma B and Aunt Sabrina and her girls came down to support KJ in his Halloween orchestra concert. Too nice! it was great fun, even if it was just for a little while. 
I'm lucky, because my girls are both starting to play with my hair when they're bored. Now that they're mostly soft, I love it! It feels so good. I love to be petted! 
Benson made the rounds during the concert but decided the best place was his with his cousin Kaylie. She is so good to him. He's got it made in the shade with all these older girl cousins. 
Kaje and the original Kate the Great. 
KJ did an awesome job and we are all so very proud of his hard work and talent with the viola! The concert was really great. They came, we went to dinner, watched the concert, then they headed out for the two hour drive home. Family is the best!