Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blast From The Past

This morning I was looking through a journal of mine and read this story. I had totally forgotten about it, so was so delighted I had the good sense to write it down! It made me chuckle, so I wanted to share it with you.

From: The Journals of Marie Allred Burdette
The Date: November 15, 2006
The Family: Ben, 3 year old K.J., and a Very Pregnant Marie

"A funny story: on fast Sunday this month two brothers came to collect the Fast Offering -- one a priest and one a teacher. I had just put on K.J.’s diaper and he was laying on the floor, I’d let my hair dry in a very crazy fashion and of course the house was in shambles, because that’s how it goes. Ben was in the shower, but I invited them in and went and got the check book. As I was leaning over the counter writing a check and trying desperately to think of something to say -- they are pretty shy young men -- and K.J. is in the exact same position on the floor, staring at them curiously and dressed in only a diaper . . . A sound comes floating down the hall. It is Ben in the shower, singing “It’s a Small World After All.” Now, when Ben sings in the shower, it is with wild abandon, so this was a pretty rousing version of Small World. The boys look up in shock and I just bend over the counter laughing. I was like “Sorry, boys that’s just my husband singing in the shower.” There was a momentary break and I continue giggling as I fill out the tithing slip when -- like thunder on a clear day -- Ben and his best opera voice fill the room with a much louder, much more electrifying version of “Small World.” He of course, had no idea they were there. I was practically convulsing. I don’t think those poor Jones boys knew quite what to do -- as I finally led them to the door, trying to talk louder then the singing I say “Do you boys want some Halloween candy?” the younger boys mouth literally dropped open. And then I realized -- it was FAST Sunday. All I could do was try to extract my foot from out of my mouth. “I’m so sorry guys! I almost led you into temptation! Please come back any time and I’ll give you that Halloween candy!” and then I shut the door, leaving the Burdette whirlwind in their wake. I’m sure it was a very memorable experience. The good news is, the next day the older boy and one of his friends came to the door after school -- after Halloween candy. The whole thing just tickles my funny bone. I’m sure that was one of the most memorable fast offering collections they have ever been on."


Jill said...

Thanks sis - I've been needing to laugh so hard I cried! You either never told me about that or I just plain forgot! And - It's a small world.... so small that someone dares go trick or treating to a sister in their ward who said they could - even if it was way after Halloween. Let's never let it get too big! Thanks heavens for ward families who actually do become "our world". Love ya most! Mom

Tink said...

That is hilarious, I remeber that! I bet the Jones boys wish we were back in their ward. No one can be as cool as you!!!

Tara said...

Thanks Marie. I can always count on your blog. That was a great post. To bad you don't have a recording of Ben singing to go with it!!

I've been meaning to tell you. If you like any of the backgrounds and or layouts of the pages I have posted it is really easy to just switch out pictures and wording. Just let me know your preferences when you send pics.

Kamille said...

That's funny. Does Ben know you get such a kick out of him? And that you are letting the rest of us get a kick out of him, too? Spence says he has to check my blog every once in a while so he can find out if he's in trouble. Like he wouldn't know! I wear everything on my sleeve. Puh-leeze!

The Farnsworths said...

That was about the funniest thing I've heard ever. Mostly because it was Ben and also because it could so easily happen if your not careful. I have a much worse story involving the youth in our ward if you ever want to hear it sometime. I think enough time has elapsed and I've had enough therapy sessions that I could share it now.


Ducksoup said...

GREATEST POST OF ALL TIME. such a funny story. so funny to me ben does that. as soon as we move to utah and get a house (which could be a decade or two) can you and ben please have a sleepover at my house. i'd love to hear some good singing in the shower. and also i'm amazed at your amazing writing skills...even when it's for your journal! sheeze you are good. so you rock, and i'm glad the boy came back for candy. too funny! love you f.c. please do share more journal postings soon. i am curious, do you still keep a journal now that you blog?