Monday, May 18, 2009

This Weeks "Top Ten Ben" List

Today we will be discussing just a few reason why I am in love and like with The Double B:

1) After totally holding down the fort alllll ddaaayyyyy looooong yesterday, he heated two frozen corn dogs for my dinner and then tucked me into bed last night at 8:35. I woke up at 8:17 this morning. IT WAS AWESOME.
2) At yesterday's Eagle Court of Honor, he got to sit in the Eagle's Nest (I called it an Eagles' den. He quickly corrected me). Ben gets teased a lot by my brothers and Uncle Kyle for being the poster child for boy scouts (a compliment in disguise). But seeing him in that Eagles Nest yesterday afternoon and seeing the goodness surrounding him, I felt proud of my Eagle Scout. He is honest, true, chaste, benevolent, thrifty, and helps old ladies cross the street. Go, Benny Scout Man.
3) EVERYBODY likes Ben.
4) When the kitchen floor gets so scary that you just know you will all be catching a deadly disease within the next week if it is not mopped -- but you still know you probably WON'T mop it because you hate mopping worse than any other household chore in the world -- he will mop it. What a man.
5) He is getting gray hair. Makes me feel young.
6) When you bring up the comments made to seminary graduates and how what that MAN said ... blahblahblah ... and WHAT ABOUT the young women... blahblahblah ... Ben will act like he is
listening and even defend the MAN while saying "but the young women are so smart they don't NEED to hear that, don't you see?" ... And Ben will only laugh when you tell him you can actually see him tuning you out, and then say "How 'bout some corn dogs?" Smart enough not to deny it, but willing to serve.
7) He knows how to deal with me 77.8% of the time, and then just scratches his head.
8) Fun, awesome, unpredictable Dad. Slave to a princess and project maker for man child.
9) Calls almost every day during his break, just to see how things are going and let me know he loves me (and us).
10) He is super hot.


Ducksoup said...

i agree with all of them but the one about everybody liking ben is so true. he is just such a nice, likeable guy. makes me happy my FC has a great husband because finding a guy good enough for you is a hard thing to do :). ryan calls most days when he gets a chance. i am with you, i also love it! so we are moving home really soon and i can't wait to see you. probably at the stampede?!? and way to run the other day. you ran more in that one time than i ran all last week. i ran zero times! i am repenting this week and since braden was standing by the door waiting to go outside and use his golf club, i decided i better put on some running shoes and get going. happy monday to you! love yah!!

Emily said...

Cute list! Marie, Marie, Marie...You have GOT to invest in a steam mop!! Let me tell you how much easier (and almost fun) mopping is with a steam mop!! You sound like you have a great man on your hands!

Tink said...

Oh, Benny Boo Boo...Boo!!!!! I must agree. Ben is a great guy! I'm glad you got some pampering!

Tink said...

I just read the nie nie dialogues and I cried. I am so blessed!

Jen said...

He is definitely in the category with Alex: Husband of Quality.

Tamari said...

This is an awesome tribute. I am going to steal this idea for my blog...but not about Ben...about Roger...;-)