Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marie, Glenn, and Stephen: The Love Triangle

So right now I am reading the most hilarious book ever! Like, as in, shaking the whole mattress whilst the Double B was trying to fall asleep last night (I advised him to think of it as cute, don't worry). What is this book, you are asking yourself? Why, none other then the quaintly named "An Inconvenient Book," by Glenn Beck. I am rolling all over the place reading it.
I like Glenn. He's kind of my blabber-mouth-show boyfriend. He just thinks what he thinks and says it -- absolutely no self-editing button in that brain of his. Glenn in print is even better. He just says the darnedest things -- and makes you like him, and makes you think -- whether you agree with what he's spewing at that moment or if you think he is "Satan's mentally challenged younger brother" (thank you, Stephen King, for saying that. It's funny. Thank you, Glenn, for putting it so proudly on the back of your book).
The only other political commentator who garners as much admiration from Madame Burdette (that's me, just in case you got confused) is my other blabber-mouth-show boyfriend (I'm a two-timer), Stephen Colbert. Possibly the funniest, kookiest man in the biz. Back in the day (sigh) when we had television, I never missed tuning into the Colbert Nation. Something about illusions of grandeur appeals to me. Also, the ability to make everyone in Washington sound like the biggest idiot ever born makes me giggle.
I feel good about myself for being on board both the left and right wing sarcasm train. I'm not sure how those who formed me would feel about this love: my own Grandmother thought that the Bush/Cheney team (or any Republican for that matter) was the Devil Reincarnated. I'm also pretty sure my own sweet Father-in-law believes you can't make it to Heaven if you are a Democrat. I think my Mother would approve? Oh well, it's out of my control. My heart tells me to continue to see both Glenn and Stephen.

Love. Who can explain it?


Tink said...

I'm glad you get such a chuckle out of Glen. Jon would be so proud!

Jen said...

You and all of your boyfriends. I'm starting to feel bad for poor Benward.

Love Beck, also.

Ducksoup said...

have you thought about putting ads on your blog to make bucko bucks? ...cause yah really should! you are so funny rieser.