Thursday, October 8, 2009

Biggest Loser Therapy

Below you will see a picture of me last night, sitting in front of the computer at the end of a rather special day, looking for a little respite.
And yes, my camera was sitting there, so I made myself my own photo subject. The Double B came in and made fun of me, but I rebuffed his remarks. It's all about the art, people. That's all I'm about these days.
You know what? My son is in Kindergarten and he is way more mature and ten million times kinder then a lot of grown up people. Just for the record.
And then I remembered! Week 3 of The Biggest Loser was finally posted on!!! I just love The Biggest Loser. It is so inspirational to me. I laugh, I cry, and I get butterflies. It is by far the coolest show ever! Even the Double B will watch it with me, so we know it is of the highest quality, because he is a reality show nay-sayer.
Oh my good golly gosh, Jillian is on another rampage, and it's only the first few minutes of the show! I love you, Jillian! You are a real life psychopath, and I love you!!!
Woah, Jillian. That was such a low blow! Take it back! Apologize! Oh yeah, you totally won't. That's why we love you, 'cause you are a bad-butt. But take it easy on that ladies feelings, she's got some serious issues.
Haha! Jillian, here you go again! You just make me so happy inside!!!
And look at the integrity of those two big guys, giving up their spot. That's compassion, people. That is goodness. That is what we call being a man, that is integrity. And look! They're doing it on their own! They look great! And Antoine found love! I am so happy. So very happy.
Then Kaje showed up. He wanted a picture, too, and since that is actually a picture worth taking, I took it! And then he kissed my cheek and said "I love you the most, Mama." So really, I felt very happy inside. I feel happy inside just writing about it! Being a Mom is the bomb-diggity. I love my kids. As a side not, I also love my nieces and nephews. 'Cause they are amazing little people, and I only want to protect them. 'Cause that's what Aunts are supposed to do. For the record.
I just love it when people are kind and good. I need even more kindness and goodness in my life! And as they say, kindness begins with me. So I'm gonna try harder and be better! I really am.
P.S. You will be happy to know that this morning Livi went out to the garage to stand by the car -- Daddy was actually going to get to drive us to school this morning! and dumped a whole gallon container of gasoline all over our garage. Our entire garage, all the way around the car and from door to door. Awesome! You will also be happy to know that she survived the experience. And our whole house smells like gas. That smell just... permeates!


Tara said...

I'm glad she survived it. I hope that smoking neighbor doesn't walk by for a while. I loved your photography! Hope you have a fantastic day.

Tink said...

Cute pics! I'm glad you're house didn't blow up! Thanks for walking with Buggie! She was in heaven!

Paulette said...

Ha ha ha ha! Everything about that post made me laugh! You even used the words bombdiggity and bad-butt, you are just too cool! Thanks for being my friend, Marie! And I'm sorry about the gas...that sucks...remind me to stay away from your house for a while.:) But I won't stay away too long, I promise!

Ducksoup said...

such a cute post. how did i miss it? oh, i'm so glad i noticed it. the pictures of you were awesome. they totally reminded me of you. oh, i just think you are the cutest. i loved the one of you and kaje too. i can tell you love being a mother. i can't believe the gas thing. wow. i think i would have lost it. yup, i would have. that is no fun. i'm glad livi is alive and well though. i hope the smell is long gone by now. you are the best. and maybe i should watch biggest loser.