Thursday, October 22, 2009

Missy Foo-Foo

My little girl never knows from one day to another what name she wants to be known by.

Some days she will insist that you call her just "A-Liv-Ee-A!" Some days it's "No, I not A-Livia, I Princess Jasmine!" Or Belle, or Snow White, or whoever has captured her imagination that day. Some days it's "I not a cute, I a beautiful!" Or "I not a baby, I a girl!" But almost every day, no matter what we call her by (and we're pretty good at taking requests) she'll remind us "My Grandma call me Foo-Foo." My marvelous Mother-in-law has occasionally called her Missy-Foo-Foo, and apparently Liv has taken real liking to it. Mind you, we can't call her Missy Foo-Foo. If we try, she'll just firmly remind us "No, my Grandma call me the Foo-Foo!"
Whatever name she goes by, we love this girl.
This morning I set my alarm to wake me up to my favorite CD by Eclipse, called Grateful Praise. I even, being so incredibly technologically savvy, set it up to my favorite song, "Mercy's Arms." It helps me wake up in a happy, and, dare I say it -- Grateful mood. I was laying there enjoying the beautiful harmonies when little Missy Foo-Foo came running in to snuggle up with me. I love those moments. We laid on our sides facing eachother and smiling. I had my hand on her little tiny head and was stroking her hair as we talked, when all of the sudden, she lifted her own hand and stroked my face, from the crown of my head to my neck. It was so gosh-darn cute. She was just so tender about it, and her little freckles got all mashed in her smile. After a minute of that she was bored, so decided she was a doggy. She climbed up to sit on my belly and stuck her tongue out, doing the little doggy pant, when before I knew what was happening, she licked my face! Licked it! A big slurp up the cheek. I, of course, started laughing hysterically, which invited her to try more licking. When I wouldn't let her lick my face again despite protests "But I a doggy, Mommy! I a big doggy and I licking you!" she sat still for a minute thinking, then issued this invitation:
"You wanna be the doggy and lick my cheek, Mommy?"
Why, no. No, thank you. But the offer is so very kind.
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Tink said...

That's adorable! Nothing like being licked in the face! Believe me I know! I need to borrow your cd. :-)

Jen said...

My biological mother has licked my face before. She does it for effect. Very, very odd.

Olivia is much cuter in pulling it off.

Tara said...

So cute. I just love moments like those.

Paulette said...

That is so funny! I remember when Liz used to do that. In fact I remember when Liz did that to you.:) I was so embarrassed. Maybe you have a lickable face.:)
BTW -I love that picture of little Missy Foo-Foo! Very pretty!