Monday, October 5, 2009

The View From My Side Of The Table

I would like to welcome you to the virtual tour of Sunday dinner at Our House.
Quite frankly, this event doesn't happen very often, because my parents usually host their available children for a marvelous feast every week. And let's face it -- yummy dinner that I don't have to cook with good company? Sold! We're always available! However, every great once in awhile the two people who gave me birth go out of town (shocking, I know -- I mean, did I give them permission to have a life of their own?) and we are left to our own devices.
Luckily for me (and you're just not going to believe this 'cause it's too easy), if I buy the ingredients for a roast extraordinaire, my husband will make it! Muh-ha-ha! I am completely off the hook on the Sabbath day!!! Muh-ha-ha!!! Wait... Don't tell anyone. I don't want my good luck to end.
Anyhow, yesterday was one of those days when we were on our own. It kind of worked out because I was still pretty sick and it was General Conference and we had no church responsibilities, so I continued to hold the bed down (someones got to make sure it doesn't run away) -- and The Double B continued to take care of me. Boy, do I have a treasure in that man!
Mid-afternoon he called me in to dinner -- set table and everything -- and we had a yummy meal. But my view was just too adorable, so I got the camera and enjoyed myself.

The girls always sit on the right half of the table, me on one side and Livi on the other. The red is her signature lipstick (which we might as well just stop fighting at this point) and the green eyeshadow is marker. Beautiful.
Kaje spent a good portion of the day designing a new outfit for his tiny baby. It was her second birthday, apparently, hence the crown. He was planning a big party for all his friends, so was pretty upset that it was the Holy Sabbath and the party had to be put on hold.
Honestly. I am so blessed. Don't you just want to eat them up? Maybe we should just forget the roast and have them for dinner instead.
About half way through the meal the Double B turned to me and said "Is your hair green?" I had no idea what he was talking about, but earlier in the day Livi had been playing with my hair -- and apparently colored it green with her makeup marker. Clever. Very clever. (P.S. Yes, this is how I look while chillin' at home. Now that you've seen the back, just imagine the horror from the front!!)
Oh, look! Livi's hair is green, too! Awesome. We're twins!
In conclusion, I now present our final item: after dinner, everyone went their separate ways. When I came back into the kitchen to do the dishes, Livi was sitting at the table. And yes, that is our butter enjoying a swim in the gravy. I didn't even have to say anything. I just stopped and looked at her, and she climbed down from the table and went to her room for a little self-inflicted time out. Nice!

I love the Holy Sabbath, don't you? It is by far my favorite day of the week.


Simmons Family said...

hahaha, sounds like a nice Sunday din din there with the fam. I am afraid of the day when Janalee discovers make-up. I'm sure her and Livi would have a ball

Tink said...

So cute!

Kamille said...

I bet that butter enjoyed having a little dinner, too.

Ducksoup said...

so cute ben makes dinner. so cute livi has on such awesome makeup. so cute kaje is throwing a b-day party for his doll. and so cute you took a picture of your green hair. i am so sorry you were sick. i have the gombu today and am now feeling ever-so empathetic to you. so cheers to being healthy. i love yah rie. your post was awesome.

katie said...

too cute!