Friday, November 6, 2009

A Secret Adventure

Dear World,
My son turns six years old tomorrow!
SIX! (What the?!??!)
So We're going on an adventure.
A Secret Adventure.
An adventure planned with all the love in this mother heart.
So we'll be gone for a few days.
Report on Monday!


Emily said...

ooh ooh!! Please say you're coming here!! J/K

I would guess Disneyland but that would be a short trip...could happen. Have fun whatever your secret adventure is!

Simmons Family said...

have fun!!!

elise said...

If you're going to Disneyland can you swing by my house and pick me up? I promise not to get swine flu germs all over you (maybe)!

Have fun!

Tara said...

six already!! wow. how do they grow so fast. I'm excited to hear about this grand adventure. Have a fabulous time.

Tink said...

Wahoo! have a great time....I'm jealous!

Ducksoup said...

hi rie--no wonder you didn't answer your phone. i tried calling you friday night and this morning because i was down there running a half marathon. i am hoping it was your number... if not i left someone a random message. well i can't wait to hear about your excursion and can't believe you have a six year old...

Jen said...

Looking forward to Monday's revelation. :)