Friday, November 20, 2009

When You Have Your Camera

Because I have become a sissy-poo-nanny who sees the clock hit 10:30 only rarely 'cause I'm usually asleep, sitting in a theater waiting for the movie event of my slightly nerdy year was a document worthy event. Here are some pictures:
Proof that I'm not the BIGGEST fan. Seriously though, these are just some ladies I thought were cute so I'm putting them on my blog. Hi, ladies. Thanks for letting me take your picture.
This; however, is Us: the Pink Ladies, neighbors and close friends for over five years. I'm so thankful for these girls in my life! Clockwise: Shawna, Paulette, Trina, and Me. To quote The Beatles "We've been together now for forty years."
I don't understand how Trina always looks adorable in self portraits. What the heck?
Paulette was smart enough to bring a game to help pass the time. This is Shawna's game face, and I couldn't be happier that I have a picture of it and am now sharing it with you.
Cutest picture ever seen of Trina.
It was a blast! I'm so glad we went, but I am so tired right now. And a little nauseous. 'Cause I need to sleep. If only the three good fairies would come and put a sleeping spell over my whole house... sigh.
I really did love the movie. I think maybe you might need to be a fan, but it was so much better then the movie of 'Twilight'! I was completely, utterly, and madly satisfied. Now... if only I had a ticket in my hand for the 2:00 show.
Signing off,
Nerd Marie.
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Simmons Family said...

I am so glad to hear the movie was good! I can't wait to see it. I can't go until next week when my hubbie isn't on-call for the hospital 24/7. Doesn't the hopsital know they can't mess wtih my emotions like this and make me wait to go see the movie. Go team Edward!!! Go team Jacob!!!
(I am not chooosing sides-I love them both)

katie said...

Looks Like so much fun!!

Tink said...

WAY too many pictures of me, but it was a very fun night

Cory Reese said...

I just wrote a blog post about New Moon, then I read your blog.

It's okay that you liked the movie. I forgive you. No hard feelings. I still like you.

I realize that making derogatory comments about Twilight in public make my house very likely to be egged.

Ducksoup said...

i love having internet and not having boxes i need to put away. i love the post about you busting a move. those pictures need to be enlarged and framed. i'd love to have them in my house. you are too cute :)

Kamille said...

Haven't seen it yet (don't dis-own me please?) Can't wait to get all my sisters-in law together for the moment of joy. I have to admit that I wasn't lovin' the first movie, though. I look forward to a movie made with a little money. Yea, I said it!