Thursday, December 17, 2009

Greatest Sentence Ever Written

Last night while straightening up the kitchen I came across this piece of tinfoil:

It says "I like Mom," written by my Kindergarten Genius, the Kaje.
Possibly the next Thoreau? Dickens? Dare I say it... Shakespeare?

This little sentence warmed my heartstrings. In fact, I would go so far as to say
it set them ringing.
A) This little dude totally wrote a SENTENCE all by himself!
B) I am liked by one of the top people I thank God for.

Yes! A day of victories!!!

Speaking of God, last night I was thinking, and it went like this:
I have like... let's say... mental problems. Always have, possibly always will.
In fact, I would say my tendency to be a doomsdayer (new word, will be submitted to Webster's soon)
has afflicted me most of my born days.
I don't like to be that way, in fact, I would say I truly dislike this thing about my mortal state
(perhaps we shall call it an occasional darkness).
This is why I love optimists so much.
I think that to have a positive thought pattern is honestly a righteous behavior, so I like to try to mimic it
and surround myself with it.
A few months ago in Sunday School our most wonderful teacher
was expounding on "scriptures with promise"
one of which is where the Lord says if we confess our weakness before Him,
He will make weak things become STRONG.
This touched my heart, and I went home that night and confessed
the whole darn truth of the matter,
even though I felt embarrassed about it, quite frankly.
But I have slowly felt something very weak become a little stronger, a little stronger.
So last night when I was drowning in dark thoughts -- my weakness --
I got down on my knees and we had a little conversation.
The Lord is always so patient, don't you think?
I have always found that to be true.
Sometimes I can just imagine Him patting me on the head, like
"Oh, Marie. I love you anyway."
This is a good image for me. I kinda like it.
People who love me have to be patient or I don't stand a chance.
At the end of my prayer I laid there for a long time, thinking
about the things I am truly grateful for.
And those things are people.
My husband.
My children.
My parents.
My family.
My friends.
Nothing else matters, just love.
And I felt a little stronger. A good thing.

So thanks, Kaje, for liking me.
I like you, too.
A lot.


Tink said...

Marie, we love you. Don't let those dark thoughts overcome you.

Tara said...

That is so sweet. Kids can be such a wonderful blessing. You are loved by many people. Have a great day.

Jen said...

I like you, too, Marie. Sometimes, in fact, I am blinded by your awesomeness.

elise and co. said...

Wow, your son had good handwriting. You? A doomsdayer? You seem like a pretty positive person. Maybe you're a closet doomsdayer. :)

Ducksoup said...

like tina always says, she loves reading your blog because you are real...and that you are. this must be your one and only "weakness" in life. you are perfect in my eyes. and i am glad kaje likes you. i like you too - - a lot too! and that note is soooo cute. i am going to aspire for one like it someday.

Simmons Family said...

what a cute boy you have!!!

Cory Reese said...

Well said, Thoreau. Well said.

Anonymous said...

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