Friday, February 5, 2010

Cold Victims

K.J. had the most horrible cold.
Then my Dad got it.
Then Olivia got it.
Then the cousins got it.

Everybody... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!
Kaje missed four days of school lest we infect the population of our fair city. He's all better now. Livi kind of enjoys the attention, and since she loves medicine, it's no great tragedy (she is perhaps the only three year old in history who enjoys nasal spray). Word on the street is the cousins and aunt are totally miserable. And poor Papas.
I'm pretty sure he is the sickest of all.
In spite of this near death coughing experience, he went out to help a friend dig around his yard today. Wise? Perhaps... not. But totally my dad. He is a champion. If he's asked to help, he's there, even if he has to load his own coffin in the back of the truck just in case. Our phone conversation this morning went like this:
Me: Dad, is this wise?
Dad: Probably not.
Me: Dad, do you think you might die out there?
Dad: Maybe.
Me: Um... maybe you should tell him you're sick.
Dad: Hm.
Me: You're still going, aren't you, Dad.
Dad: Yep.
and.... scene.
That's a pretty good (albeit risky) example. He's the best Papas and Dad maybe to ever live.


Kamille said...

Aren't you so glad to know that things travel so quickly. Good news, gossip, cold germs. If only luck or happiness or miraculously clean houses could travel and happen by being near another lucky one, happy one or clean one. Hmmm.

Tink said...

knowing first hand just how miserable he felt and going out to work all day, I thought we would be using that coffin in the back of his truck! I don't know how he even survived! Like you said he's one of the best Papas and Dad maybe to ever live! He's AMAZING!

Ducksoup said...

oh no rie, we might be on our way to infecting the entire world around us. braden has a terrible cough, runny nose, feels like crap, etc. and he is sleeping in our bed and ryan is sure one of us or both will get it. i am hoping not though. your dad is amazing though. wow! i want his toughness. your convo was pretty funny. i'm glad you didn't get it.