Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Laundry and Other Faults

Thing That I Seriously Don't Like To Do: Put away laundry.

Thing That Seriously Complicates My Life: Not putting away laundry.

But I did about half of it this morning. Half of the two loads on the couch. I successfully moved the other half to my bed in the hopes that I will hang it up in 2.5 minutes. I still might do that. This does not include the two laundry baskets full of folded laundry and the smeared pile of folded laundry on my bedroom floor.

I just don't get this about myself. It would take two seconds to put it away. I could turn on my I-pod and be done before John finished "Twist and Shout." I could.

But I don't.

I think I need therapy.

Today is Tuesday, which is classically a fine day in my life. Nothing much usually happens on Tuesdays, so I can breeze right along. Except when a big activity comes up with the Young Women and Young Men that I somehow trapped myself into being in charge of yet again. We have our progressive dinner tonight (my budget... my budget... it hurts) and I was in charge last year. I vowed not to be in charge of it ever again, but somehow... I am in charge of it again. I tried to figure out why I would do this in the middle of the night a few nights ago (pregnancy side affect: have nightmares about dreaded activity for the three preceding nights), and I think I figured it out. A) I know I can't be in charge of any activities in the middle of the year, because I will be about to pop, popped, and post-popped. B) I don't want either of my councilors to have to do it, because it's just a big huge pain in the patella. Conclusion: I have only myself to blame. I'm sure it will go fine. I am making them all dress up in the hopes that they will be somewhat well-behaved. I am not traveling from member to member's house. I am simply making them live a life all about etiquette. Or I will rip that plate of food right out from under their noses. Because I'm pregnant. And I can.

Not really. I won't really rip their plate out from under their nose. But I might threaten it.

I love the youth with a purple passion. Have I mentioned that?

I do.

This morning before school Kaje wanted to watch all three endings to the original Star Wars movies. Just the endings. Not any of the angst that goes in between. We made it through the first two, but not the third, with Kaje screaming his head off the whole time Luke and Darth dueled to the hand-death (Don't worry, he screams every time. He chooses it himself, so it's not abuse). In the next scene Darth swishes down the long ramp and I said "Darth is so cool" ('cause I just really love an awesome villain. I can't help it. I do.). This caused my young son great pain. He immediately jumped up and proclaimed "Darth is not cool! Luke is the best Jedi to ever live! The greatest Jedi ever!!"

I stand corrected.

After he left, Liv wanted to forgo her usual morning movie 'Hercules' in honor of 'A New Hope.' I let her do it as I folded said laundry, 'cause I am just cool like that. The whole ten minutes she lasted went like this: "Where is 3-PO going? Is 3-PO lost? Can 2-2-D2 find him?! Find him 2-2-D2! 3-PO scared! Poor 3-PO!" Thankfully, she got bored and wanted to go back to the mighty Hercules. That was a relief.

She just came in to me and informed me that today is her wedding. I hope I can find an appropriate dress in time.

Valentine's was awesome. My husband went out of his way this year to make the whole weekend very cute and very nice. He took me out for a gigantic bowl of pasta, which is my #1 craving this year. He made me breakfast with the specified ingredients mentioned in a midnight craving a whole week beforehand. He got me the perfect gift -- season two of 'Life.' It made me feel good, 'cause darn it, I'm loved. He is so groovin'.

The Double B is just about perfect. But I don't want you to go away feeling less about yourself, so I'll share a secret. There is one thing... one thing I think you should know about. The Double B never hangs up his jacket. EVER. I think he just subconsciously knows I will do it. Even as I am hanging up our children's jackets, he will just lay his down on the couch. Where I can easily find it to hang it up the next morning. So that is nice of him, if you think about it. At least I don't have to go searching!

I love my husband so greatly. That's why I am the vessel that brings him children. Do you think there should be another way to go about it, though? My hips hurt.

And now, Justin Timberlake will serenade us with 'Cry Me A River:'

"Cry me a river -- wah, wah, wah -- cry me a ri-i-ver!"

Dearest and Most Darling Friends,
Today is Tuesday. I have a lot of random thoughts today, apparently. Please don't judge me. Just know that somewhere, deep down, I am a good person. Even if I think it's a little funny and must be documented when my child tries out his first swear word. I am still a good person. I think.
All My Love,
Sister B.


Tina Williams said...

Dear Ms. Marie,
Thank you for sharing your random thoughts with me. Listening to you makes me feel better, it is good to know others on this planet share the same randomness as I. Also, I'm glad to know you are human, makes me know I have a friend who is human as well.
I think I may be having a few sympathy pregnancy dreams for you -- just know you are missing out on some wild/psychotic/unnerving dreams -- I hope they end in July when you are finished with this pregnancy for both of our sakes.
Have an amazing day.
FC#2 -- Tina
Is it appropriate to give myself this title?

Ducksoup said...

sigh...for me your randomness (as you call it) is like a breath of fresh air. i can now kick my feet up and just breathe.

i am so sorry i missed livi's wedding. i hope you found the perfect dress.

i am sorry your hips hurt, yowser. pregnancy definitely brings some pain...

my husband doesn't love to hang up his coat either. we have a coat hook on the back of our laundry room door...i am hoping to train him to hang it there at least :)

k.j. and his movie watching is hilarious

and folding laundry stinks...but i hate emptying the dishwasher the worst of all. and i also wish my laundry smelled like granny's. that is still a mystery to me how hers smelled so good. if i could just speak to her for a few minutes...

hope the progressive dinner went well and especially glad it is overwith.

glad your v day was good and that ben treated you right. of course i knew he would.

love you...and how far along are you now anyway? are you finding out the gender?