Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've become quite the theologian the last few days. (I love self-proclaimed theologians, don't you?) Here's one of the things I have been wondering while vacuuming:

* As far as standing before the Judgment Bar, does it count in your favor how your family feels about you? Like, maybe you had a whole lotta flaws, but your family thinks you are awesome. Does that count in your favor? I remember watching some Big Bird movie where they were in China and that delightful Latino couple sang "You say potato, I say potato" song in ballroom clothes -- do you remember this one? -- and the whole point was your heart had to be measured on a scale and it had to be as light as a feather. I sometimes still see that image in my head -- the scale -- it appeals to my particular imagination. Plus, it helps me imagine the balance between Justice and Mercy. I guess my hope is that the people who love you will be able to help push on the mercy side of the scale . . . that would work for me. It does seem like people should be able to testify in your behalf. I mean, I fully intend to offer my testimonial for about a million people. Never in a bad way, 'cause that would totally be a waste of time. But in a "yes, this person was my Walmart cashier, and you just wouldn't believe how nice they were to me."

Maybe the Judgement Bar will be a lot nicer then I think. Maybe Nephi and Moroni will be there to give me a high five and maybe Mercy will be more far reaching then we could ever understand. I hope so.

Thank you for listening. Amen.

The Double B is home for the next couple of days, and I couldn't be happier about it. Do you ever miss your spouse, even if they haven't gone anywhere? But you've just been pulled so many ways and directions that you haven't had the chance to really sit and stare each other down in a staring contest or just sit and shoot the breeze? We've been so busy lately. So I am looking forward to the hang out that is all mine over the next few days.

That's all for today! Over and out.


Elise said...

You have deep thoughts while you vacuum. Kudos. Nine times out of ten I'm thinking, "Forward. And back. Forward. And back. Forward..."

Again, I need to be more like Marie.

Congratulations on having your husband home. I'm totally jealous. :)

Kamille said...

You are genius. I am grateful to know you.

Tara said...

I'm not sure if I have the right email for you so just in case I thought I would post here too! I would love to make a coloring page for you. It seriously only took a minute or two for each picture. As long as I'm not in the hospital I could get them done and back to you fairly quickly!