Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If Shakespeare Had A Baby

Happy Girl.

I just read a story about a new baby's birth. It was, like, intense. And then a dear friend had her own sweet baby yesterday (congrats, sister hill!), and I just really can't wait to hear the details. Is it a Mother thing? I'm not sure, but I just love to hear all the gory details about bringing new life into the world, however you decide to or get to do it. Either way, it is huge and transformational and incredible and I actually think I'm a little selfish about it. I always want to hear all the delivery details. I guess because it's such an amazing thing to give birth and I have been changed by all three times I've been blessed to have that experience, and then I got to see my beautiful (truly, truly beautiful and sweet) niece Bella be born (which was incredible!), I just really enjoy watching Mommy's tell their story. So amazing. Such an incredible blessing to be a woman, whether you deliver naturally, survive a C-Section, wrap a newly adopted baby in your Mother arms, bring a child into your home, or help love and nurture other people's children. Doesn't matter. Being a Nurturer is God-like. I truly believe that. We actually have this God-like attribute born within us. It's our inheritance! That is so powerful to me.

That being said, there is a reason all my children are three years apart. And if I'm blessed to do that again, it will be at least that long, even if the Double B does think I'm getting old. The very idea of being pregnant ... shudder. You have to be made of tough stuff to go through that. Plus, I'm a sissy. My husband is braver then I am. He always thinks things will be "fine," and I just don't always think that. Which is why I'm married to him. He is my only link to sanity sometimes, let's be honest. Of course, he's not the one that has to do it, either.

How is everybody?

K.J. got massively sick over the weekend with the worst flu ever. Do you want to know why? Because his Mom didn't get him a flu shot (or flu nasal spray, because it's just so cool they have that for the little tykes these days). Because the Double B is anti-flu shot, and I am very pro flu-shot. This year, I decided to make us his science projects and not get them for myself and my children, just to see.
Lesson learned.
Poor K.J.
It was truly wretched. By Monday, though, Olivia was in the throws of "not as much attention as my big brother," so she herself became "ill." So she and K.J. spent the whole day in my bed, shaking jingle bells when they needed me and basically living the life.
By the end of the day, I was ready to throw those jingle bells over the bridge. The Double B came home after a hard day at work and we had a small "My day was longer" contest, which I almost always concede to him, because let's face it, I have the better job, but NOT MONDAY. I was the clear and obvious winner. So I took the prize for myself.
All that really meant was I was free and clear to go see some of my girls perform in the High School production of "Macbeth." They did a great job! Personally, I love Shakespeare, and when someone can really speak it, it is so beautiful and easy to understand. Some of those kids could really speak it. Some of them could not. But my girls were amazing! Of course. I was very proud of them, and it was well done.
Have you ever seen Macbeth? Have you? I've read it a few times, but this was my first time seeing it. It's got awesome witches, spooky demons, and really demented murder -- lots and lots of murder. Just right there on the stage. I have to laugh at Shakespeare, because as we've learned from the Old Testament, there are no new sins, and Shakespeare uses them all! There are some really demented moments there, and let's be honest, when you're safe in your theater seat, demented things are really fun to watch!
Mariah came. After we sat down, she said "This is my first play!" I turned to her with wide eyes. "This is your first play?"
I had to be entertained over the fact that her first play was not only Shakespeare, but 'MacBeth.' Hm. That's being thrown into the fire, really. She is really a sissy-poo-nanny, though (think K.J.), and honestly, I don't like to be pulled out of whatever land I am in when watching plays, so we did form an agreement about not grabbing me, distracting me, talking to me, or otherwise pulling me out of Scotland.
She did pretty well with that, too.
Which proves one thing: I. am. a. bully.
At intermission she turned to me and said "I do not understand a word they are saying!" I thought that was so cute. So we went over the plot -- what we had seen, and what we would see. And honestly, I think she enjoyed it. I hope so.

You'll be glad to know that both K.J. and Olivia are on their way to recovery. Thank Goodness!

In closing, let me just say:
Hugs, people. Hugs. Not drugs.

Love, Marie.


Elise said...

The only time I really GET Shakespeare is when it's read aloud by someone who's been around the iambic pentameter block once or twice. Otherwise I'm totally lost.

Your title makes me think of "If Shakespeare Had a Sister" or whatever it's called, by Virginia Woolf. Have you read it? I'm thinking yes. That title can't just be a coincidence. If not, you should track it down. It's worthwhile.

Sorry about the flu. That is THE PITS. I hope you're all bug-free soon. :)

Ducksoup said...

marie--and you are back. thank goodness. nothing like a marie post to make your whole day, night, week, month, and year. seriously, i love them. and sorry about the flu. yuck. so not fun having sick kids. seriously though, you gave your kids bells to ring. i can picture it now. you are the mom of the year. i would probably tell them to just holler at me but you, you think of everything. you are awesome. favorite cuz ever!!

Jen said...

I love a good birth story, too. Also, I love a good post by Marie.

THE HILLS said...

thanks for the shout out. i'll give you the full story :) also I did hear your pretty voices when the yw came caroling to our house...thanks!!