Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Very Adventurous Day

Is it too repetitive to say how excited I am to leave for our "second honeymoon" tomorrow?
Because I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait!
We're going to have a most marvelous time.
And I can't wait.

Yesterday was filled with many adventures, including but not limited to:
1) The time Katelyn decided to throw up in Dick's Sporting Goods. Just cough, cough, BARF. Then cough, cough, BAAAAAARRRRRF. Luckily, I have two hands that caught most of it, and Mariah there to run frantically for paper towels. I don't even know if any of the workers knew it had happened. Unfortunately, Katelyn found her own yuck fairly interesting and proceeded to rub it all over her hair. Which I could not stop. Because my hands were full of barf. And when I say "No" to Katelyn, she finds it funny, and an extremely enthusiastic encouragement to do the naughty thing more. We eventually got her cleaned up. Luckily, Old Navy was right next door, and I ran in to quickly buy another outfit. Unfortunately, her thighs of beauty were simply too much thigh for those dumb 3T shorts. Who makes skinny pants for little people whose thighs were never made to be skinny? I ask you. But at least she had a shirt.
2) The time the Double B met me at Costco to take the kids while Mariah and I went to a foster care team meeting. And pointed us in the exact wrong direction to find the car. We spent the next twenty minutes walking all over the parking lot, in flip flops, in one hundred and ten degree heat. To say that I was mad seems so trivial now. I was evil mad. Furious. Perhaps if I hadn't recently been barfed on, it wouldn't have seemed so bad. And there was no air conditioning in the car. So ha.
3) The time #3 was written and published, but Double B said I needed to revise #3 to just say "the time there was a very bad foster team meeting." I might add, "in which there was nasty people, and also perhaps dynamite was needed." But I still revised it. Because sometimes I think he knows what he is talking about.
4) The time Mariah got hired on the spot for a job in the local metropolis she is moving to! Turned in her application, got an interview right then, got hired!!! The Lord is so mindful of her, it is simply amazing. It restored her confidence in herself after the Meeting of Dementedness, and she was beaming the whole way home in the blazing hot car saying "I can really do it! I'm going to be able to do it!"
5) The time the Double B sat by me on the bed sympathizing about the no good, very bad day, fed me a subway sandwich (because cooking was... not an option), and sat by me to watch the season 4 finale of Biggest Loser on Netflix because he knew I needed a friend. And he just doesn't find Biggest Loser as mindless and happy as I do. So really, this was great romance.

I love adventures.
Speaking of adventures, tomorrow we are on our way to the happiest place on earth! Together. Just us. To celebrate ten years of adventure together.
I am glad for my friend, the Double B.


Tink said...

Yikes. Can't wait for more details! Sorry about your bad day. I'm glad we got to have lunch first! :-)

Ducksoup said...

wowsers rie - - that is intense stuff. totally cracks me up about katelyn's thighs - - so cute.

be safe on your adventure to the happiest place on earth. love yah!

Elise said...

Nobody's thighs are made for skinny jeans.

I'm sorry you got barfed on in a sporting goods store, but the idea of burning my feet because it is 110 degrees outside is just dreamy. I'm jealous of the heat. And the St. George. I miss that place.

Have fun on your next adventure. Know that your friend Elise is insanely jealous of you. :)