Friday, December 21, 2012

It's 9:37 a.m., And The Adventure Quota Has Been Met

This is a post all about the nicest man. Really, he was a good the best Samaritan.
This is also a post about how I am from Southern Utah and I have absolutely NO IDEA how to drive in icey conditions, therefore it should be against the law for me to attemp such stupidity.
This is also a post about how my heart is still pounding and I have uncomfortable tingling due to nerves... they are shot. Forever.
This is also a post about how I am never leaving my house again.
This is also a post about how much I hate the cold, the snow, and my new nemisis, ICE.
This is also a post about how they should have definitely canceled school, even though about an hour ago I thought school should definitely go forward.
This is a post about how every once in awhile you come across someone just so KIND when you need it the most, like when you are absolutely STUCK in the middle of the road and have been for some time and have absolutely no idea what to do about it.
This is a post about how you most unwisely wore slippers and didn't put pants on your baby, since it was just a short jaunt to school, and about how much you kick yourself about your stupidity once you are absolutely stuck.
This is also a post about how a benevolent perfect stranger is willing to come to your window to offer advice and then teach you how to use 4-wheel drive even though he is -- let's be honest -- getting more and more late for work as we speak.
And a post about how when you are getting it all wrong, he asks you if you would be willing to trust him enough to let him get in and show you.
This is a post about how the gift of discernment comes in handy, and you know it is not only okay but THE MOST APPRECIATED THING IN THE WORLD for this nice man to climb in your car and very kindly and encouragingly show you how you are an idiot, but if you do this, it might help.
This is also a post about how when you climb back into the drivers seat, he cheerleads you through and then follows you discreetly at a distance to make sure you get to the school before driving off into the great unknown.
This is also a post about how you got stuck on the way back home, too, but you remembered your instructions and after a quick prayer that you stop sliding so you don't slam into the mailbox and shouting "shut up!" at your whining two-year-old because you're ruined as a mother forever, you very very slowly creep around the corner and into your garage, vowing to never leave the saftey of this place ever ever again.
Finally, this is a post about the gratitude in Marie's heart for the very best kind of people -- the kind that recognize someone (stranger or not) needs help and doesn't hesistate to help them -- and the desire in Marie's heart to one day, somehow, hopefully, miraculously -- to become that person.
The End.


Ducksoup said...

oh man rie, sounds so not fun. the snow can be so rough to drive in. glad you made it home safe and sound and that someone rescued you. and way to remember his instruction. buying a cheesecake from costco tomorrow for christmas dinner. wish i could buy it from ben's bakery. i love you. merry christmas.

Anonymous said...

His name was Shiblon, and most of the time he lives in the Virgin River Gorge. He is one the three Nephites. . . or is He. . .

Elise said...

That's awesome. This story renewed my faith in humanity a bit. And just when I thought my faith in humanity could never be restored... :)

Also terrifying. ICE. Eek... I envy your white Christmas, but not the treacherous driving conditions that go along with it. Stay safe!