Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Many Adventures

The Double B was off on Saturday. This seriously... never happens. The children and I hardly knew what to do with ourselves! They quickly figured it out, though. They wanted to have a FUN day! And they got to choose what we did... very smart people, working things out that way. What can I say. I am raising smallish people who understand and incorporate Survival of the Fittest. I'm proud.
We went to lunch at Panda Express and then K.J. and Olivia decided they wanted to visit Liberty Jail. Pretty awesome for them to choose that as their activity! Here you see the family B, sitting on the lower wall. If you can make it out, the wall we are sitting on -- the outer wall -- is four feet thick.

It was such a great experience. We live about ten minutes away from Liberty Jail, which is pretty cool when you think about it. For Mormons, the Liberty Jail is a very special place. It is a very soothing and inspiring place to visit. Because it was raining cats and dogs and it is March, we were the only ones there. The sister missionaries were very glad to see us! We had a great sister that took K.J. and Olivia under her wing and really talked with them and taught them. The Double B and I appreciated that so much! We were really surprised how much they both remembered from the last time we visited in December. Even Katelyn remembered it, because as soon as we got out, she started talking about Grandpa, since he and Grandma were with us last time we visited.
While great suffering took place at Liberty Jail, the church does not see it as a place of suffering, but as a sacred place of growth and beauty. At the end of the presentation, it is mentioned that it is a place where faith was tested, and found sufficient for the task. I think that is very beautiful. Of course, that is the great desire of my heart, really... for my faith to be found sufficient.
Liv and Kate wanted their picture taken together, and posed themselves. It was so adorable, I think my heart just about melted:
Ah, sisters...
When the prophet Joseph Smith was being taken into the jail, the people that had gathered to see him were disappointed he was merely a man like them. But in the face of so much hardship, he turned to them on the step and said "Good afternoon, Gentlemen!" K.J. remembered that -- he couldn't remember exactly what he said, but he knew it was like "Good day." The missionary couldn't believe he remembered it, but he did. She asked what they might say if they were going to this horrible prison and were wrongly accused. Olivia exclaimed "I would say BEHOLD! Behold, Jesus is real! And I didn't do anything wrong!"
The Double B and I kind of laughed, but I swear that sister missionary about fell off her feet and said "Wow, Olivia, you would bear your testimony? That is amazing. Thank you for sharing that." It made Olivia feel so good, and it was the perfect thing said to give me insight into my daughter. It's true. She would bear her testimony.
Flutter, flutter, little heart.
We had a great time.
For our last adventure, we decided to go to the dollar section of Target for a little prize.
We found our articles, and headed out to the car. Which wouldn't start. In the pouring rain.
Thankfully, so thankfully, we have our friends Bev and Matt, who just happened to be on their way home right by where we were. They swung back around and took the Double B home to get our other vehicle and took K.J. and Olivia home with them. So kind. So Kate, BB and I went on a several hour extravaganza trying to get the car to start.
Which it eventually did. Of course, this is the vehicle we are hoping to drive across the country in a few days to visit family (WOOT! WOOT!!!), so it will be visiting the mechanic very soon, hopefully to be fixed easily and... gulp... cheaply.
On Sunday, K.J. got very, very close to losing a tooth of his own, but no dice.
Then yesterday morning he came and laid by me on my bed and POP! Out it came. Teeth being lost left and right around this place. Tragically, the tooth fairy was too busy to come last night. Our tooth fairy is a total crock! Brother. Oh well, hopefully she won't be too tired to come tonight.
Finally, today is cowgirl day at school for Olivia. She looks adorable in our homemade get up, but we didn't have time to take a picture, since we had to fly like lightning to the store to get a treat for her class. So K.J. took this picture:
Yep, pretty much all the time we get to stare at the gap in Liv's mouth. So cute. It just cracks us up. And of course, there's always Katelyn... she's just got to be herself, you know?
So many adventures around these parts, let me tell ya.


Elise said...

I think I would like to visit liberty jail. I always thought it would be too sad. You make it sound okay, though. :)

So...you're coming back to Utah?!

Ducksoup said...

drive safe rie. i love you! so you will be home for your bday? so cool. liberty jail is 10 minutes - - that is so cool. loved reading about your saturday adventures.