Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day 3

It finally arrived: Snowpocalypse 2014. I had hopes we would somehow escape such a fate this year, but no such luck (although I admit that moisture is a good thing -- it's a strange mental world I live in). The storm descended Tuesday morning about 7 and started furiously throwing snow down from the heavens. School was cancelled the night before, since there was 100% chance of six to twelve inches. Woah, right? I'd never heard of "100% chance" when it comes to precipitation until I moved to Kansas City. Thank you, Midwest, for all you have taught me. Monumental here, people. Thankfully, the Double B was off Tuesday and Wednesday, so I didn't have to worry about him coming and going from work... although he did get insanely stir-crazy and may have been harder to entertain then the kids! Mostly kidding... mostly.
It snowed and snowed and snowed all Tuesday into early Wednesday, dropping pretty identical to a foot, and then the winds picked up and the temps plummeted and we have awesome two foot snow drifts and the city pretty much shut down for two days. Cool.
Miraculously, they even plowed our street yesterday! Simply a miracle. I love... love... love plowed streets, which we never got last year. I thank you, plow operators!
In Olivia's magical dream come true, we did lots and lots of baking:  
Those were super yummy Peanut Butter Bars that Katelyn then defaced the next day, running her fingers all along the top of the whole thing and eating the chocolate frosting off. I am not fully recovered from PaintDeath, so I yelled threats and then went into a two hour funk of "I'm a failure as a parent because she just does whatever the heck she wants and there is absolutely no stopping her." I think some of that was pregnancy related. The Double B waited out the psycho, and a few hours later, I was alllll better. Sigh. Nobody likes being crazy, even the crazy people! 
We got pretty bored, so KJ spent some quality time learning how to braid on my hair. It was pretty cute and he was mostly gentle, but every time he'd pull a little too hard he'd say "Good thing your hair can't feel anything!" Ha ha. It just didn't make sense when I'd try to explain that your scalp can still feel! He's so fun.
We were sitting at the table yesterday while the Double B made himself a sandwich and I said "KJ, please tell your Dad that I love him." So KJ laughed and said "Dad, Mom says she loves you." The Double B, being adorable, said "KJ, please tell your Mom she is the most beautiful woman in the world." KJ, being double adorable, said "Mom, Dad says you are the most beautiful woman in the world... which you are." Aawwweeeee!!!! Melt my little mother heart! I almost fell off my chair with love and adoration. So I thanked them very much and they both got a kiss on the cheek. That Double B is raising up that boy in the way he should go. Love, love, love that.
KJ has recently discovered he can squeeze you to death (he's solid and very strong), and while motivated by love, it really can squeeze you pretty much to death. We have a Valentine's tradition that I put little hearts on their walls every night after they're asleep from the 1st to the 14th with little things I love about them. Last night I wrote on KJ's "I love your (gentle) squeezes!" This morning he came in and while laughing informed me I wrote the exact same thing on another heart a few days ago! Ha ha! I guess that is what I get for writing them and sneaking them in late at night. He was a good sport about it. He said he guesses I just really love his squeezes, as long as they are gentle...
Katelyn has been coming in the last few evenings to be petted. Really, she's sleepy, and wants to be loved to sleep, I think. Usually she goes to Daddy, because he loves to snuggle her when she's like that, and then they both usually fall asleep together. But last night she crawled on my lap and informed me she wanted me to sing her songs and play with her hair. She got the entire soundtracks to 'South Pacific' and 'Godspell' and lots of braiding, and she just relaxed and slowly fell asleep. It was very sweet. Children are interesting, aren't they. They test us but bless us so very much. Here she is, snuggled up to her little apple-sized sibling:
We were lucky enough to make it to our early appointment with my new OB, Dr. Morris, before the snow trapped everyone in. She is great and it was the Double B's first time meeting her, and he liked her a lot. She is not my OB/BFF, Dr. Lunt, but who can be (except maybe Dr. Lunt)? She is awesome and has a lot of Mormon patients so knows quite a lot about our cultural things that I never really had to think about in Utah when my doctors were, for the most part, also Mormon. So it's nice to not have to explain certain things -- she says she loves her Mormon patients because she loves delivering babies into strong, loving families -- and actually pretty much delivers our whole congregation! The baby sounds good and I am thankful for that and to be cared for by a competent, compassionate person.   
One last story. Lately Olivia has been bringing in her Book of Mormon to the breakfast table with her, because that is when I personally like to study my scriptures and she has decided to study her scriptures then, too. It's adorable to listen to her sound things out and want to be a scripture girl -- love that! This morning after discussing a few things she said "Guys, I want to share with you a scripture that just shot me in the heart! It just shot me in the heart like a bow and arrow!" I am sorry, but that is SO. CUTE. She read us a few verses from Lehi's vision in the first chapter, sounding it out carefully and well. Then just looked up and nodded her head like 'wasn't that wonderful?' Sigh. My Mother heart. Honestly.
Stuck inside for one more day, but since the school Valentine's Day parties are tomorrow -- the kids are hoping for the best! I am so thankful to be a Mom through thick and thin and no one in this world could discount this job I have. For me, it is the best one in the whole world!

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