Saturday, July 5, 2014

Big And Fun

So, we have a lot to catch up on. Forgive me, summer is rife with children and also there is a faint sound of white noise in my head. No worries... simply brain cells slipping out my ears.
On June 22, the Double B and I turned 12 years old. That's right. Twelve! 12 years since I made the smartest move of my life and married that old geezer. We are some of the lucky few that truly, truly love and like each other after all this time. Lucky, lucky, fortunate us! I know that is actually rare and am so thankful for it. We are still as different as night and day, but we make it work. He surprised me and took off four days over the weekend so we could celebrate as a family in a little "Staycation," and then we went out to dinner just the two of us on our big night. Lots of fun. The kids loved it and so did I and so did he, as he finally had the chance to catch up on some much needed rest. We went and saw 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' (or "Lord of the Dragons," as Kate calls it. I think it was a little intense for her, as she watched the whole thing on Daddy's lap and at the tragic part reached over and pinched my nose, whispering "beep," and then put on my hand on her face so I could pinch her nose. Cute and definitely a unique coping mechanism!), found several places to play, and even bought a year pass to the zoo, 'cause we're just that cool. It was Daddy's first visit, so that was fun. By the time we'd walked that whole thing I thought maybe the baby was going to fall right out, but he's stayed in there, so that's good.
 So this happened:
Yes, indeedy! Those are pictures from the news of the tornado that swept through Liberty, which is right, right by us. In fact, so right by us that all our shopping, etc., is IN Liberty. We knew the atmosphere was unsettled and stayed alert, just like we were told to do (we're very tornado obedient), and when the lightning and thunder started, I was trying to get the kids to stay in bed while straightening the kitchen. It was WILD. Rain like I have never seen and deafening thunder, with lightning every second almost. Literally, almost. There were 500 strikes in 15 minutes, which is one not quite every two seconds. Then the tornado app and weather radio went off. By the time I'd gotten the kids and BB (who'd been asleep, poor guy) into the basement, the weather radio announced there was a tornado on the ground in Liberty. You usually can't hear much in the basement, but there were a few rounds of thunder that had the Double B and I looking at each other. The girls took it fine, they were bored because we had to stay down there for a long time, they were mostly curious. Poor KJ did not fair so well. He was so afraid, my heart really went out to him. He cried and shook and came awfully close to a full on panic attack. By the time it passed, he was pretty sick and slept with a bowl next to him. We sang songs and talked and listened to the radio. I told the kids "Just think! If we ever get to move back to Utah, we'll have lots of stories to tell!" KJ quickly answered "I want to move RIGHT NOW!!!" Ha ha. Poor fella. I sent texts to our parents to ask them to pray for us when we went down to the basement, and I am sure that helped. I felt very calm and am so thankful for parents that can add their faith to ours! My Mom didn't get the text until after, but said it was interesting because I'd come into her thoughts and she'd been thinking about me and praying for me, anyway. The Holy Ghost rocks! The kids weren't very comfortable sleeping upstairs away from Mommy and Daddy, so we made beds on the couches and they did fine. It was quite the adventure. We're like the real deal now. Let me tell ya. 
Katelyn has recently re-discovered her "Dolly Katee Jill" that Grandma A made her for Christmas a couple of years ago. Out of the clear blue sky, Dolly Katee Jill is the most important member of our household "Mom, my baby looks JUST LIKE ME!!! She is named Katee. I give her big squeezes and she is my favorite! I making a bed for me and my dolly, Kate. The. Great." Dolly Katee Jill is also a bit of a trouble maker, as she has "accidents" all the time and even makes messes in the toy room!
One of my wonderful friends, Sam, so graciously threw a baby shower for me a few days ago. She wouldn't take no for an answer! That is so very kind of her. Those types of events are pretty embarrassing for me and I have a real phobia nobody will come, but they did! This is proof that I have fifteen friends! Pretty awesome. And it was very appreciated, really, because we didn't bring much with us with the move and the difference between KJ and this little guy. Plus, diapers! So nice. Honestly. So, so kind. Sam and I took this picture together, and when I looked at it when I got home, I just about DIED. My body is a warrior, let me tell you, and I realize I've done this four times and I totally balloon up the last little section and no, my face will not look like that forever. But still. It was a shocker! So thankful for kind, wonderful people in the world.
In other news, we had an incident that in my frail female and hormonal state almost signaled the apocalypse to me. My girls and I all needed trims, so I thought we'd take a little girls date and go get them done. The girls look beautiful. The insane person who cut my hair took "Just take off as little as you can" as SEVEN INCHES. I still honestly can't really talk about it. I honestly started shaking as I paid, the lady thought I was in labor. Worst. Thing. Ever. For those of you that are sensible, you're like "So what's the big deal?" For those of you attached to your hair, you're like "That woman must be possessed by the devil!" And you would be right. So horrible. I cried and cried and cried when I got home. Dear sweet Olivia immediately tried to calm me "You look so cute, Mom! I really think it's cute! And you always say that a good cut makes your hair grow faster!" When we walked in KJ goes "Oh no, Mom! Your hair looks so different!" Poor BB could only stare when he woke up. Then finally said "Why didn't she give you the option of taking off a few more inches and you could donate it?" So horrible.
The next morning the first thing Olivia said to me was "Your hair looks so pretty, Mom!" Honestly. That is charity.
Really, it's fine and I'll get over it and in a year and a half it will be the same length and I'll be fine. But I admit, for a few days, it struck me as the worst thing that could ever happen, ever. I'm fragile, what can I say. Liv loved to braid my hair, so I included a pic of some of her latest Barbie inventions and the last fabulous style I was given before hairpocolypse 2014.
Tiny Baby B has had the hiccups three times since last night! I have honestly, in four pregnancies, never felt my babies have the hiccups and have always felt so curious when other Mom's have talked about it. When I finally realized what it was last night, I was so surprised! I'm glad I got the chance, as this could very well be our swan song. It is interesting! And just like they've all said, a little annoying, ha ha. Can't wait to meet this guy. Enjoying this last little section of growing him. As hard as it is to grow a human, I'm thankful for the chance and will remember it for the rest of my life! I know it will be worth every second. What a privilege. 
Yesterday we celebrated the 4th of July by going to our favorite "fancy" restaurant, the Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza. It was so fun and the kids had a great time.
When we got home we played outside for awhile with a few neighbor kids while Liv let me look at her "most special magazine," a Mary Kay catalog from Aunt Trina. Daddy had to go to sleep since he was going in to work at one in the morning, so the kids and I went for a slushie and then sat outside for a couple of hours while all the maniacs in Kansas City lit their fireworks. These people really are crazy, and EVERYONE does it FOR HOURS. But hey, free fireworks exploding all over the sky, lightning bugs, and Chinese lanterns. People are even trying to light them tonight in the middle of a thunder storm. Midwest. Hard core, man. It was a great 4th, Liv felt like it was the "best one ever!"
These pics are Katelyn telling me a very epic story about Grandma and Grandpa belonging to UTAH, not Kansas City, but they have to come visit us, and then enjoying fireworks. And of course, Kate singing her heart out to "Let It Go," because that is definitely required at patriotic functions!
I have been nesting like mad this week. Not sure I've ever had it to that intensity before, but the house has been scoured and I'm almost even done with the basement of death! I even scrubbed out the cars. This has taken hours and hours and the kids have been very helpful as their mother has gone cleaning insane. My house thanks me, believe me. They just do whatever is necessary to keep Momma happy, those sweet little people. They are the best.
To finish up the longest post ever, just a funny few quotes from the kids. 
A few days ago KJ and I were driving home from scouts and I was teasing him, trying to get him to just go back to third grade instead of moving up to fifth. He said, very sincerely, "Mom, you know I'd do anything for you. But I have to follow the school system!"
The other night Kate and Liv were playing a game called "Papa," where they made pretend pancakes for everyone. I don't know what it is about Grandpa and pancakes, but the two are forever correlated in their minds!
We went swimming with some friends and KJ wanted to stay longer to play with his friend Anderson, which I was thrilled about. The girls were STARVING and thought they couldn't LIVE without some Chinese food. So feeling super awesome that day, I stopped for some take out for them, thinking it would feed all three kids. The two of them ate THE WHOLE THING. It was a lot of food! Kate came to me and said "I don't feel good. Too much swimming and Chinese." and then put herself to down for a nap! Hilarious!
Last week we had a little scuffle between Kate and Wandrew. Katelyn is totally a nudist and loves to change her underwear about fifty times a day, which I guess we should be glad about because she must have the cleanest bum in fifty states. But in the middle of their scuffle I hear her scream and march up to me with this direct quote: "Mom, Wandrew locked me out and won't let me in to get my underwear! He's Batman and is controlling my feelings!!!" Biggest laugh of the day.
Kate was "reading" one of the cards from the baby shower. She cleared her throat and informed me that it said "Miss Marie, baby Benson come out of her tummy and we take him to Disneyland. Me, and Livi, and KJ, and Daddy, too." She has made many comments about taking Baby Benson to Disneyland after he comes out of Mommy's tummy. This is very important to her that he be indoctrinated early, apparently!
A few days ago the kids were all playing together and Andrew and Kate went running out of the room laughing. KJ looked at Liv and said "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!" She excitedly answered "I think so!!!... What are you thinking?" He paused as they walked out hand in hand and then shook his head and said "I don't know." Ha. ha.
Liv informed me that "Sometimes if I drink root beer or sprite it actually makes STEAM come out of my nose!"
Thank you for reading the longest post ever! Life marches on and we're thankful for every moment. Enter to learn, go forth to serve, right? Love you all.

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Tara said...

I loved every bit of it! I understand your hair incident. I chose to have mine cut off but I cried for several days too. I really wanted to donate it but I also wanted it to still be longer. I've finally come to grips with it and I'm okay. Good luck with the last few weeks. I'm excited to meet your new little one via the blog. :)