Sunday, February 28, 2016


Sacrament selfie. Naughty! It's all in the name of the scratch on Katelyn's cheek. She needed to see what it looked like! 
We got a new nephew: Will! We can not wait to meet him!
KJ got his bottom braces on this week. Ouch! They made his mouth so sore for a couple of days, but he is cured now. He always makes me laugh because if one thing is wrong with him, fifty things are. He collects afflictions on those days! But bears it all fairly cheerfully. 
Benson absolutely loves orthodontist appointments. He has all this space to explore. They give him a cookie and he loves it. He's been pulling this face lately. He is so happy, unless of course, you cross him. He tightens up his body, leans backwards, and screams with crazy eyes. It makes me laugh, because it's hilarious. So then he cries and wants to be picked up. He's so funny. 
This guy is growing up on me. 
I could hear him today call out to Katelyn downstairs with such a low tone and I thought "whaaaaat?" So crazy. 
He's had a few little mishaps passing the Sacrament that are very entertaining to watch. Last week he got confused about where to pick up the tray and went back and forth, back and forth at the front of the chapel. I got the giggles -- bad! At his orthodontist appointment Bishop Wyatt was like "So somebody had a serious case of the giggles during the sacrament last week!" Ha ha -- oops! Today he got a little confused about serving the other deacons but all in all did great. He takes it seriously, which I'm so glad about. But I try to help him see that when something is funny -- it's better to look back and laugh! 
KJ has a great desire to be a student of the gospel and to be a good guy. He loves to listen to John Bytheway and Hank Smith. I'm so happy for him and hope he keeps it up! 
The other day he told me in the best way he could describe that he is starting to experience anxiety. Just sitting in English, and it hits. It made me sad, because I would spare him if I could. But you can't change genetics, and I was 12 when I started really experiencing intense anxiety, too. I think it starts in connection with puberty. I told him to always talk to me because I can help him and share coping techniques with him! Anxiety is not a terrible trial in comparison to some, it's just a thing you have to learn how to deal with. 
KJ is definitely my kid and I see so much of myself in him. I love him so much. 
It is fascinating to see yourself reflected in your kids. I see something different in each of them that is just "so me." And other things that are so so their Dad. We are lucky to have these four Insane-O-Pants.

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