Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas Eve

We went up to Grandma's the Tuesday before Christmas to support Mariah in some things and since the kids were out of school, we decided to go up and have Christmas with the family. It was lots of fun -- the only downside of this is that Benson was under the weather the whole week and I've never seen him so out of control and hard to help. It was both tragic and aggravating for everyone! Here he is sleeping behind the couch after throwing an epic fit. Grandma was watching him for a minute when it happened and couldn't coax him out. When I got back I just cracked up! What a handful. 
Since we'd be at Grandma's for Christmas Eve dinner, we went out for our annual dinner on the 23rd. We took our parents and Ben's Mom and we went to a Japanese hibachi grill. It was so fun to watch the kids experience that! Definitely a very special treat. 

Christmas Eve we relaxed and cooked and all gathered in the late afternoon. 
It was our first time being at my families Christmas Eve dinner in five years. It was so magical to be there! 
The Christmas spirit was strong and the company was great and the food was delicious! 
KJ and Addie officially graduated to the big table. These two are two peas in a pod. 
We played a fun game opening a gift with mittens on and a hilarious game we called "poop the potato" where we had to carry potatoes between our legs and drop them in buckets. Honestly so, so funny. Trina and Sil are the all time Champs. 
Both the kids and the grownups had fun with this one. 
Benson was playing with my phone and got this picture of three generations of feet. His, mine, and Grandma's. I totally love it, but I'm funny like that. 
The kids climbed into bed hoping Santa would appear! And late that night, the most magical sight of all... snow! It would be a white Christmas after all. I was so excited, because I knew how thrilled the kids would be. It was magic. 

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