Monday, January 26, 2009

K.J. Thought We Should Call This Post : "Olivia Was A Little Naughty!"

I will now show you what is going on at my house today:
This is actually Friday, when Olivia colored all over herself with a classic crayola marker. They are not washable. She's still pretty red today. But hey. Who am I to limit her self expression, right?

This, however, is today. I walk into the room and there are my children just chillin' like villains on top of the couch. I thought, "well, that's cute, " so I took a few pictures. Bet you didn't know Diego lived at my house, but he does. And he's pretty cute. These are Livi's favorite jammie's because they have the princesses all over them. What's not to love about that?

I have a total ham for a son. But Olivia wasn't feeling this one. She was mad because brother wouldn't giver her his rescue pack and then he had the nerve to hug her! I can't explain it, but somehow in his lean he looks like he's floating in air. Maybe he's right and he really is magical.

Now, to my official topics of discussion. First off, I am so over this whole winter thing. Winter, I banish you!
Secondly, my house looks like an evil tornado has pulled every clean thing into it's vortex of terror and spued it back out onto my floors. What the heck. So one would think I would be attacking that mess with a vengeance. But no ... no, I'm just sitting here fiddling away. My computer room is clean, though! So see, I do have some code of mess ethics. Really, it's my moral obligation to post, because my cousin Mary Dawn asked me to. And if I can't do one little thing for the great D. Dawn, then what kind of person am I? I ask you.
Thirdly, yesterday I got to sit in a great sacrament meeting. Don't you love it when your children are not horrific (or in my case, my daughter was horrific but the Double B had already taken her out) and you can enjoy the really great speaker? I enjoy that. So, thanks Double B. Way to see to your priesthood responsibilities. (I would like to thank President Boyd K. Packer, for officially listing that as a priesthood responsibility.) Then I got to go to my mom's and hang out with my cool family. So it was a great Sabbath. I never thought I would say this in my youth, but the Holy Sabbath is by far my favorite day of the week. I think I have to give credit for that to my parents, actually.
Anyhow, I really don't have anything good to say, I just wanted to post what I find to be funny pictures and say "this is what's happening at the our house today, in case you are interested." I hope you're feeling better, Mary Dawn!
I'm very fond of all of you.


Ducksoup said...

finally a post! i am feeling like my day is now complete!! so the pictures of your children are adorable--all of them actually. olivia's marker coloring makes me smile because i can see something like that happening so easily at my house. in fact, braden a few months ago colored all over my walls and i for sure thought they were washable crayons. well since the crayon wasn't coming off i had to check the box and the word "washable" was no where to be found. who knew. thank goodness for my mom and magic erasers--the two of them did wonders for my wall. i am glad to know diego lives at your house. k.j. is too cute. and your little princess olivia appears to be all princess. how fun--a girl through and through. i need one of those to teach me how to act i think. hmmm...maybe sometime. well thanks for the lovely post. the food poisoning sickness is no longer lingering in my system and macaroni grill is sending me gift certificates but i wish it was cash because i can't ever eat there again! love yah fc!

Tamari said...

First, I love Olivia's hair!! She looks adorable. And KJ as Diego, AWESOME! He could also pass for Peter Pan! The whole marker thing...don't even start, I have marker stories that go on and on! You think I would learn to just stop buying the markers already!! I finally got wise around November of '08 and then Grandpa bought some for a Christmas present, thanks dad! (grumble, grumble)

Kamille said...

For someone reluctant to enter the world of blogging, I'm way impressed with your entries. I love reading about your life. You think it's dull, I think it's satisfying.

Tina Williams said...

Reeser, You are an adorable mom - thanks for sharing the real you. I'm so glad not everything is perfect at your house - since it never is at mine. The haircut is quite cute - I only dare give boy hair cuts -- the theory is if your screw it up you can just take out the clippers and cut it at a 2 - when Mary Dawn was leaving to go home I gave Braden a haircut and chased him all over my mom's house to get the job done, I'm sure locks of hair can still be found to prove it. Glad you are surviving and I would like to sign your ban winter petition - or if you could start a petition that we at least could get to have it in the high 40's 3 of the 7 days in the week. Have a good night!

Ducksoup said...

reeser i keep stalking your blog hoping you have posted. in fact, in the last ten minutes i have checked it about 12 times. please post soon. and my husband says i have no life but whatever, you are just such an important part of my life i have to see what you are up to. and after checking your blog and not having any luck i went to my blog and read your comment and you are so funny. i'm glad ben ate your grose food and that you enjoyed his. you are funny, funny, funny! and please post at least twice tomorrow to make up fo the lack thereof.