Sunday, March 22, 2009

The List

So today is my 26th birthday. Weird. But great! 'Cause I have a lot of things to be thankful for. In acknowledgment of this momentous occasion, I have compiled a list I fondly call:

26 Things I Celebrate

1. Life. I LOVE to be alive. I always have. In fact, I can only think of about two moments when I didn't just adore this experience. It seems like lately I have learned a whole new appreciation for the gut-wrentching/did I seriously agree to this side of things, but even that -- is good. I see the beautiful spring. I just love to be alive. So I thank God today and every day that He has given me this amazing opportunity! THANK YOU, GOD!!!

2. A Physical Body. I didn't truly understand what a gift my body is until after I gave birth to Olivia. To have health, to have command over physical objects, to have sensations and feelings. So small flaws and all, I love my body!

3. The Gospel. I love it, I love what it can make me, and I especially love knowing I will see these people who mean so much to me again --

4. My Husband. Awesome! I can't believe I got such a stud-muffin! We can make each other crazy, but our lives are bound together, and we re-agree to that arrangment every day. I love him. I appreciate him. I like him, too.

5. K.J. Truly, he brings sunlight into my life every day. I can't believe someone loves me so much!

6. Olivia. Hilarious, spunky, funny, bossy, and everything her family needs. I love being her mom, even when she makes me think about it!

7. My Mom. Hands down, greatest lady I know. She has done everything for me, and I would do anything for her. I love her. I'm so glad she's my mom!

8. My Dad. Perfect in every Dad way. He is truly such an amazing example to me. I love him. I'm so glad he's my dad!

9. My Brothers and their families. I love my brothers. They have ALWAYS been my friends. They are everything brothers should be and more. I LOVE their wives and am so glad to have sisters!! And being an aunt was worth the wait!

10. My In-Laws. I probably have the best parent-in-laws in the history of the earth. I love them. I honor them. I'm so glad they are my husband's parents! And I have great in-law siblings as well. And the cutest nieces and nephews ever!!

11. Grandparents. I am blessed to have known four grandparents, each to a different degree. Although there is the different faith factor on my dad's side, I learned what active faith really is from my Grandma Allred. My Grandma Sperry is one of my best friends in the whole world. I miss her every single day. But I am so thankful to have them all! I want to make them proud of me!

12. Talents. I have fun with the talents I've been blessed with and am still trying to figure them out!

13. Memories. They make me laugh, Hallelujah! And also realize just how good my life has always been.

14. My Calling. A highlight, hands down.

15. Extended Family. I have the best family ever. No, seriously. I really do. I adore my aunts and uncles, truly adore my cousins (i tip my hat to you, cowfer), and cherish the million memories I have of us being a family.

16. My Friends. Old ones, new ones, true ones. I'm glad I know what friendship means now.

17. The Greatest Neighborhood Ever. Whether it's laughing way too much over fortune cookies, lazy daying it on the lawn while the kids play, or truly being there for each other, this is a once in a lifetime situation.

18. Good Food. I think this is obvious.

19. Quiet Time. Ah . . . also necessary and one of my most favorite things.

20. Citizenship. This is truly the promised land. I am so thankful to live here.

21. The 10-Minute Birthday Party orchestrated and carried out in class today. It was seriously fun. The Edward poster that was snuck into my house and pinned to the ceiling over my bed. Truly hilarious. The whole birthday weekend. Thanks.

22. Books. Seriously. Enough said.

23. Journals, Letters, Pictures, History.

24. Miracles. I've seen them. I've been a part of them. They happen. I love a good miracle.

25. Being a Woman. Because the alternative is being a man. I win! THANK YOU, GOD!!!

26. Hope. I need it every single day. I'm glad to see it's face again!

So today I am full of thankfullness (is that a word like that?) and wish you all a happy birthday!


Tina Williams said...

Reesie, Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear cousin, Happy Birthday to you -- Now, if I would have had all my brothers and sisters available the song would not have been so generic - we would have made you up a classic, soon to be sung on national television kind of song but none of them are with me today so maybe next year. Do you think that was a run on sentence? Seriously - you are great and thanks for sharing your life with me. Your blog is one of my favorites to stalk . . . It is so refreshing to know that I'm not the only imperfect person. I love reading about your trials, heartaches and happinesses. That you are doing what I am - just trying to be a little better than you were the day before. Thanks and Happy Birthday!

Tina Williams said...

In honor of your dictionary quest: Gemater: v: the manner of doing things with full purpose of heart and not letting the world influence your intentions. (ie Mater on Cars - couldn't we all learn a thing or 6 from him).

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Marie. I'm glad you have had such a wonderful weekend. I also love to visit your blog. It always brightens my day.

Ducksoup said...

p.s. you are the coolest 26 year old i know!

Ducksoup said...

love it! what a neat thank "26 things to celebrate list". i just have one request, can you write me a "29 things to celebrate list" for my birthday next year. i know, i could never come up with a list half as cool as yours! you are just so cute and so real. i love it. you are you can could care less what everyone else thinks. what a good quality. so happy celebrations to you. and thanks for the hat tip--loved that! thanks again for the breath of fresh air. when are you going to charge for people to look at your blog! love you. and happy, happy birthday!

Tink said...

Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your special day off with me because, guess what, it gave me the day off too! Just what I needed! Thanks for always being there for me! You're the greatest! Someday I hope to be as cool as you are!! Thanks for being you! I am so glad you were born! We have shared a lot of memories together! I'm glad you brought up the chicken poop today because that was truly unforgettable! Love Ya!

Tamari said...

Happy Birthday my beautiful friend! :)

Kamille said...

Happy birthday! You are such a thankful little person. It's a good attitude to have.

TeamDall said...

Happy Birthday Woman! I'm sure it was fantastic and now I can put it on my calendar so next year, I'll nove in advance.

TeamDall said...

I meant know in advance

RoseAnna said...

Hey Marie my darling. I have had a really hard time posting comments on your blog as of late. I'm not sure why but the little letter confirmation thing won't show anything and so it won't let me post. Grrrr. Today is the first time it has worked in weeks. So I know it's late but happy birthday. We have had a totally rockin' party week here! Love ya!