Monday, May 11, 2009

If The Earth Is Flat, I'm Okay With That

I have two news-sources: and It's fascinating, really, and rare is the day that I don't check both of them (in my defense, I do check actual news first, froth news second). I just read about the space launch to check the hubble telescope that took place today. I used to be passionate about going into space for myself, but for the last twelve years or so I'm pretty much great with pretending outer space, weird things at the bottom of the ocean, and bad people don't exist.
I'm pretty sure that if you told me the earth is flat, I would be just fine about that. I don't see how people in China aren't upside down, anyway (I mean I see it, I just don't see it). Can you imagine being blasted off the face of the earth at ten billion miles per hour? Yikes! And guess what. They had a back up shuttle to go up and rescue the astronauts just in case they were hit by debris, because apparently the hubble telescope is in an orbit littered by our satellite junk. I don't know how I feel about us trashing space. Seems like if it was my planet, I'd be pretty upset about that. I also (in my earth is flat attitude) think I don't know how I feel about the hubble telescope. Ben says it's good, because Heavenly Father wants us to learn. He must be an earth is round kind of guy. Which is surprising, because if Ben were a color he'd be brown and if I were a color I'd be purple. And yet our earth shape philosophies are diametrically opposed! Hm. There's this quote from President Eyring that says as married couples we should celebrate our similarities because they make us love each other, and celebrate our differences because they perfect our abilities as a couple to serve others. Good thought. I try to remind myself about that when I feel violent towards my spouse because he is a mother's day wrecker.
He is a nice boy, everyone likes him.
Also, I now know, thanks to that Cybil Shepard (that's right, the crazy actress who used to date Elvis and is now post-menopausal and still crazy) blames the "Mormons and the Catholics" for passing Prop. 8 in California. Well, Cybil, thank you for that. I love the Catholics so am happy to be lumped with them, especially if it means telling you to stick it, you crazy woman! I just don't get it. Go eat some pie, Cybil, and just calm down. (Hm, pie. I think I need some, too.)You know what? If all of you would just post more often, I wouldn't have to check at all! Do it for me and my intellect, if for no other reason. Won't you?
I did something naughty. I got myself a present. It is a fancy new calligraphy pack from Costco (I am constantly amazed at what they get there). I have always been interested in calligraphy, and my mom got me a book and pen a few years ago which I have enjoyed. So when I saw this pack, I just had to get it -- even though I didn't have to get it. I just had to get it. So I did. I am also plotting to get the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series next paycheck. Those look absolutely charming to me. I'll let you know how that goes. In the card I send you with my personal calligraphy all over it.
Oh, Marie, Marie. I'm just visiting with myself now 'cause I'm borderline crazy woman and don't want to vacuum. Vacuum, shmackuum. Also, 'cause you might want to know, we put in an offer on the house but they had already accepted one. In five days on the market. Hahaha, that's hilarious! So we just put in a backup offer and now I wash my hands of the whole affair forever. I also refuse to victimize all of you with my crazy house rants, so I'll just let you know when or if we ever move into a new house. You'll know 'cause I'll send you a notice of address change in a fancy card self-calligraphied (new word, made it up myself).
Here is the most amazing fact. Prepare yourself:
Did you know the hymn/song "Beautiful Savior" was written in the twelfth century? Can you believe that?!?! It is one of my all time favorites. If I was my Granny -- precious woman -- I would tell you I want it sung at my funeral. Since I am not Granny, and I don't plan on going to meet her on the other side for many many years, I'll just tell you how much I love it. I am so glad the primary kid's are learning it, because there is nothing more wonderful then hearing my five year old singing "Beautiful Savior ...hmmmmhmmm... Son of God and Son of Man" in his clear little voice all over the house. I will now share with you the lyrics for your uplifting:
Fair is the sunshine, Fairer the moonlight
And all the stars in heav'n above;
Jesus shines brighter, Jesus shiners purer
And brings to all the world his love.
Fair are the meadows, Fairer the woodlands
Robed in the flowers of blooming spring;
Jesus is fairer, Jesus is purer.
He makes the sorrowing spirit sing.
Beautiful Savior!
Lord of the nations!
Son of God and Son of Man!
Thee will I honor, praise, and give glory,
Give praise and glory evermore!
-- anonymous, twelfth century
If only I could express myself like that. So beautiful and touching. Thank you, wonderful expressive Christian from the twelfth century.


The Farnsworths said...

Wow Marie, you have a lot going on in that head of yours. Maybe you should take a nap.

Jill said...

I love to hear your rantings and ravings and talk.... keep it up. Love ya most! Mom

Ducksoup said...

you are too funny ree. i so loved your post. loved it! you are just so entertaining. please write a book soon so i can truly say, "i love reading"...cause you know i would love if the author was marie burdette. i can hardly wait to see something from you with caligraphy on. maybe since i don't live close you could draw something and take a picture of it and post it on your lovely blog. so funny to me you check sounds like you know a lot of good gossip though. ryan also checks regularly. no wonder you are fc-in-laws. and you are the color purple and ben the color brown. so funny! love you. hope you had a wonderful, wonderful mother's day because you are one of the most amazing mother's living on earth (flat or round!).

Jen said...

Brown and purple go nicely together, if you ask me.

Cybil Shepherd Shmybil Shmepherd

The Farnsworths said...

Marie, I hope you can tell the difference between my comments and Kevin's.:) He's always so blunt....geeze.

I must say that your post today was very random...but I enjoy your randomness. I wish my rantings could be ever as interesting as your's.:) Good luck on the house offer. I know that whatever happens will be for the best. And don't give up! I know it's frustrating and a bit exhausting...but anything that is of any value takes work!!

And thank you for sharing that beautiful song! It is one of my utmost favorites as well. And if you haven't heard Kenneth Cope sing should! It is breathtaking... And thank you for your comment! I love you, too! You are and always will be one of my most favorite people!

And on a final note....darn you Cybil and, to heck with Hollywood and the whole lot of them! Stick to acting and stay out of politics!!! That's what I have to say about that!

Tink said...

You will have to teach me how to do calligraphy too. I've always wanted to learn that skill.
I too should be vacuuming or at least cleaning so I can vacuum, but what the heck, I'd rather blog...

Tink said...

By the way, there is a book 4 (Shelter From the Storm). Jon gave it to me for Mother's day. funny, we were just talking about that.

Emily said...

love your tributes to mothers and love this post!! Caligraphy is rad! :-) That song is very beautiful!!

Tara said...

I like to read your posts because it makes me forget about myself. Calligraphy is a lot of fun but I'm not very good at it. I had a class in 6th grade and got really into it but nothing much amounted from it! I would love to see your beautiful handwriting. Sorry I have been slacking on posting lately but I try to keep things coming on a fairly regular basis so I'm guess I'm kind of doing my part to save you from reading!! Have a wonderful day.

Tina Williams said...

Marie - I must repent! No more for you. By the way, is much better than I would recommend that you stick with it when you are looking for news. Also, on a side note, on you can got to the good things utah link and find out quite a bit of useful/useless information that you may enjoy more than Also, isn't costco so good and bad, all at the same time -- I seem to go in there for cheese and toilet paper and $150 later I have my initial desires plus $135 in treasures I didn't know I needed before I went in. I'm also, wondering, if I make this comment long enough does it count as a post? Taylei and Keanna love the diary of a wimpy kid books. I purchased them and decided they had to "earn" them from me -- so far they have 2 of 3 but they keep sneaking reading time on the third book. If I was a better mother I would have given them a chore chart (they have been on hiatus since the remodel and you could hardly find a path to walk let alone any way to clean. I have almost moved my clothes into my new room. I have a new room and can't say I've fallen in love with it. I'm not sure why the downfall to all this work but hopefully I'll add a decoration or two and then it will feel like mine. Andy requested that it be decorated the day after it was finished but the bankruptcy of funds we have run into doesn't really support me going wild and changing things immediately. Maybe in the cleaning portion of this step I will find a treasure box of cash and I will buy my decorations and then some of the excess to you so you can purchase a home and do a little decorating as well. Calligraphy - go for it -- I'll let you conquer it on your own, I can't even find whatever it takes to get my blogging done on a regular basis but I truly thank you for being a marvel at it. It truly does help with my sanity. And, beautiful saviour, 12th century? Who would have guessed. I need to write an article for a primary newsletter - was actually supposed to have it done 2 weeks ago but I think you just gave me a reason to write -- is it plagiarism if I copy from your blog? Have a wonderful day and come see me anytime . . .