Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Mother; Good And True

"My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her." - George Washington (and me.)

I seriously wish you all knew my Mom. She is, by far, the most interesting and wonderful person I know. She is my oldest and truest friend.
I have always felt, in good and bad and boring, all of my life,
the urge to talk to my Mother. Now having children myself, I am sure that sometimes she has wished I would find somebody else to talk to, but she has always been the best and most interested listener!
My mom is my favorite person to just hang out with.
I am always amazed at her self-doubts, because to me she is perfect.
The truth is that she created a beautiful and happy childhood and adolescence for me and my brothers, and that is the greatest gift we could have received. I can't imagine anyone anywhere being more supported by their mother then we were. She has come to every performance, been to every football or soccer game, cheered for every success and been right there for every disappointment and heartache.
Every major event in my life she has been right there with me,
if not in person then in spirit.
She instilled the faith in me that I live by.
She taught me tolerance and love and patience and forbearance.
She taught me what it is to be committed to something, to be a strong woman!
She is funny -- not just because she is a lot like her mother and is marvelously quirky, but because she knows how to laugh and how to have fun, especially as a family. I know I'm always going to laugh when she's around, even if we're crying!
My Mom was the Young Women's president most of my career as a young woman, and I loved sharing that bond with her. I thought she was so amazing and I loved how the other girls looked up to her! My Mom always made it okay for us to ask her questions, instead of somebody else. Now that I'm a Mother myself, I have a whole new respect and understanding for how she has managed to be the everything she has been to me. My children love and adore her, and I gotta say, she's a pushover as a Grandma! My Mom never just lets me be okay, she always pushes me to be better and greater with gentle (yet unmistakable!) hints and reminders. My Mom has passion for things that are right. She's just the best there is! I love her with all my heart! I might not ever become the wonderful woman she is, but I'd sure like to try. Thanks, Mom.


Tink said...

Amen Sister!!! What a wonderful tribute to Mom. Although I wasn't raised in the same house, I kind of was. But I know all those things are true about Mom! She's a great lady and I am honored to be part of her family! Love you Mom...Happy Mother's Day. And Happy Mother's Day to you are a wonderful mother and a wonderful example to me! Thanks for your love and support! Love Ya!

Kamille said...

How lucky your mom is to have someone worship her like you do. I feel that strongly for my mother, too. If my kids feel even half of the love I feel for my mom then I will be adored. Happy mother's day to YOU, mother of cute KJ and Olivia.

Ducksoup said...

so sweet marie. i loved everything you wrote and i so agree. your mom really is such a neat lady. it's a privilege for me to call her my aunt. she is so great. i'm always amazed when she leaves a comment on my blog. how does she even remember to check but she does and she makes sure you know she cares. i love how she always writes loves yah most. such a cute lady. it's no wonder you are so great yourself! i love you ree. happy mother's day to you. and i love the picture of you and your mom. she has such a cute expression on her face.

TeamDall said...

p.s. Happy Mother's Day Marie, you're truely a wonderful addition to our family and we love you.

TeamDall said...

that's a fantastic tribute, she's lucky to have such a great daughter!