Monday, July 13, 2009

Barrel Racing

My parents made the most adorable play horses for the reunion. The kids adored them, and I felt a little jealousy. So my brother Matt and I decided the smartest thing to do would be to climb into them ourselves and have a little barrel racing! This is brilliant of us, of course. One thing about Matt, wherever he goes, fun is going to follow. And probably fun that will get you into a little bit of trouble, too (therefore, even more fun)! We got many members of the family to ride in our impromptu barrel race. Awesome.

The competitors
Now here's our plan...
Starting at the gates

Here I am, galloping like the wind! (The rules are fierce: no running. Galloping only. I even had to restart due to inappropriate criss-cross action.)

Ride, cowboy, ride!

Livi learning the ropes
Future Rodeo Queens?
Just dreamin' of some of the scrapes Pepper and I have gotten ourselves into...
Jon and his noble steed. A little small, but still reliable!

Sometimes you just have to be there.

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Ducksoup said...

these pics and your captions are so cute. i did love the horses. especially loved the espressions on your face when you are looking at matt about to have the ride of your life. and unfortunately i wasn't there for your ride but don't feel like i needed to be there at all :)