Monday, August 17, 2009

If Romeo Had Lived To Be 29...

Today is The Double B's Birthday!
I just love birthdays, don't you? Mine, yours, but especially
The Double B's.
Because I am so happy he was born!
To celebrate,
I would love to share with you
29 Things


about My Buddy.

In No Particular Order:

1) I love his smile, especially when I see him going about his daily life... at work, church, etc. His whole face just lights up, because he is kind. And people respond to that.

2) I love that everyone who knows my husband, likes him.
And if they really know him, they love him.
Especially me. (And his Mother.)

3) When My Husband sees that you need help, he helps you. It doesn't matter if it's not convenient for him, he will do what he needs to do to help you.

4) He has a really hot scar on his right hand. My eyes were zeroed in on that manly scar on our first date, and now I get to touch it whenever I want. It's ... dare I say it ... sexy.

5) The Double B is accident prone, but totally takes it with no complaints. You'll never hear him complain! I admire that.

6) I love that my husband mops the floor, even though he has other things to do, just 'cause I hate it so bad. If that is not love... what is?

7) I love that he is so willing to help our parents.

8) He does not like to be the center of attention. He just sits with quiet dignity.

9) I like how he is unfailingly duty bound. I really, really like that. I want to emulate that.

10) The Double B has integrity.

11) I love his five o'clock shadow. Oh. Baby. Let's go make one right now!

12) He is so kind to me when there is really no reason to be. I know he loves me, and he expects me to know it.

13) I love how our daughter has him wrapped around her finger. And he knows it. And he's glad about it.

14) I like it when he giggles like a wee little sheila (I recommend tickling to create this effect).

15) I like how he still believes in the Chicago Cubs. Go, Cubbies!

16) The Double B really is an Eagle Scout, and he knows what that means. And believe me, I quiz him on it.

17) My favorite game is to try to stump him on Book of Mormon trivia. He's nearly undefeatable. And what wife wouldn't love that? It's incredibly alluring.

18) I love how he is proud of his family, large scale and small scale.

19) He is so funny. Really, really funny. And so quirky. Which I love even more.

20) He wants elves and dwarfs to be real. I find that attractive in a man.

21) My Man has the strongest forearms you've ever seen. Raaaawwwrrrr.

22) I like his quickly greying hair. Watch out, George Clooney.

23) The Double B is always improving himself. He works on himself and on us. I like that, and use him as my Yoda.

24) He is teaching my son useful things, like how to play computer and how to fish, things like that. And the Kaje loves it.

25) He turns away from me before rolling his eyes. Thank you, dear.

26) When our children were born, he did not leave my side. At first I didn't understand. Now I know why: I am his wife and he is my protector. He will always put me first. He loves me. Sigh...

27) When he gets really enthused, he does a little dance with his feet and rabidly scratches his head with both hands. I love to see that.

28) He is getting more and more tender as a Father in his old age. The Mother inside of me adores this.

29) He truly gets what it means to provide and protect, and he couldn't do a better job of it.

He is everything that matters to me, and the most important person in my life. The course of my whole life changed because of him, and I would do it again every single day. He is my friend. I have a huge crush on him. We are a team. I love him. And it's his birthday.

I am in love with you, Husband! Thank you for being born!!!


Ducksoup said...

happy birthday to the double b. i'm glad he was born too and i loved reading all the things you love about the double b. i totally agree, everyone that knows him likes him. that is amazing really. not too many people could say that, well i couldn't at least. so rock on ben. you are a great husband and father. and i hope you and rie do something great for your birthday. i'm sure your wifee has lots of things planned cause you guys are the biggest birthday planners around.

Tamari said...

Happy Birthday to the Double B! Loved this post, it not only reminded me how awesome your hubby is, but it caused me to reflect on my own hubby and how amazing he is. Thanks for that, we all need to be reminded sometimes so we can really appreciate what we have.

Tara said...

I loved your post. A couple years ago for Valentine's I wrote 101 reasons that I love Tim and gave it to him. I truly love and appreciate all that he is and does but it is amazing when you sit down, think, and write it all out. Happy Birthday Ben. Have a great day.

Tink said...

Happy Happy Birthday Brother!!!!
Marie, you're amazing. you inspire me!

Tink said...

P.S. Tell the Double-B that I may be older, but at least I'm not going GRAY!!!!

Emily said...

Hey....this was such a sweet post! But you MUST, I tell you...MUST get a steam mop!!! They are HEAVEN SENT!!! They are wonderful!! Mopping is not as much of a chore....almost fun, really. I LOVE it!!